A Hungarian Smoke House

 In some ways, this is my favorite time of year to drive in the country.

 There is such beauty in the starkness of the woods.

 Though, I do need snow in the worst way.  It was 60+ degrees and sunny here yesterday.

 We drove out here to visit this Hungarian Smoke House.  And yes, that is a dead deer laying next to the truck.  This is deer hunting country and there are deer processing places everywhere.  The guy in front of us in line bought the last of the Hungarian kielbasa.  We had to settle for buying Polish.

 We passed this fabulous Victorian farm on the way.

 This house made it look like Xmas lost the war.  The entire yard was filled with deflated inflatables.

We stopped at this very patriotic country market.  Notice the huge rooster in the roof?
And a patriotic pig.  You never know what you are going to see on these country roads.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe the bare ground! No snow!! The deflated Xmass decorations always look a bit sad to me, what a beautiful area to visit, lovely farms!!!
greekwitch said…
Happy holidays! It is always fun to travel with you!!! Mwah!!
Joy said…
Settling for Polish, huh? ;-)

Have you the tried the Hungarian "furry pig" sausage or cured meats? The pig is actually called a Mangalitsa, which has a furry coat like a sheep! And it's very tasty! Well, the meat is not the furry coat!
Anonymous said…
I love to drive around on roads like that when there's no snow and You show a beautiful road to drive.

I can't find a single deer track in the snow outside my cottage?! I guess they still aren't hungry enough or perhaps all the old deers are dead now and the young ones don't know they can find food in my garden?

Now days they sell lots of different sausages here and I especially like a sausage from the old yugoslavia, can't remember the name now though :-)

Have a great day and may the snow find its way to You :-)

Amazing no snow this time of year. Looks like a nice ride in the country.
1st Man said…
No snow? Wow.

I love that photo of the yard with the deflated inflatables, too funny!
Sandy said…

Beautiful countryside. Smoke houses.....oh YUM!!!!

I'm used to deer laying or hanging around, lol......in fact, were processing deer here this weekend. Hubby went hunting.
Cottage Tails said…
beautiful drive about - love the white house with gables.
Barb said…
What a great drive. I can't believe how warm. We are the usual cool and cloudy but tons of snow in the mountains this week.That's the fun thing, just hop in the car and there you are in the snow. The news showed a family with friends from Hawaii. The 2 year old had never seen snow so up to the Cascades they went, very cute pictures. I love the Christmas war comment. We have 2 homes in our neighborhood that look exactly like that. When did good taste disappear??!!!!
Guillaume said…
I would love to visit one. My favorite smoked meat is smoked salmon. Did they smoke any?

Here it has been a rather poor Christmas for snow. But last night it snowed a good deal and today it looked beautiful.
Mary Ann said…
I was just thinking yesterday as I drove home from the old house that I like looking at the woods and fields without leaves! I'm with you!