Christmas Cookie Baking

 This time of year is pure madness.  Between decorating, shopping and baking there is not much time for anything else.

 Each year I bake over 1000 cookies to pass out to the elderly in our neighborhood and to the homeless in the city.

 I bake them and then put them in containers in a cold place to keep until I make up the cookie trays.

I usually make the usual family Xmas cookies but each year I add a few new ones.  These chocolate peppermint cookie sandwiches are new this year.

I am about a third of the way through my cookie baking.  Full speed ahead!


Suz said…
You must enjoy all of this work
...not work I presume...but joyful tending to a need
bless you and yours
Laurie M said…
you are the cookie Queen!!!!Yum!
Cottage Tails said…
I bet everyone who gets one of your cookie packs soo appreciates tem
Those chocolate peppermint cookie sandwiches look delicious and chocolate works so well with peppermint!

The other ones look as delicious as they always do :-)

Have a great day!
Full speed ahead, indeed. That is alot of baking. Such a worthy cause too. They look scrumptious.
From the looks of your cookies I want to move to your neighborhood just so I can be the recipient of some of those cookies
If the Cookie Monster ever dies and goes to heaven, it will be your house.
Mary said…
Just amazing............
chickpea678 said…
Those cherry or apple cookies are so pretty. And I love the cookie sandwiches! Wow you must be busy!
Guillaume said…
Oh I'd love to have some of these cookies!
Barb said…
I think I'm elderly! Too bad I don't live in your neighborhood!
Nellie said…
Everything looks so very tasty!
My goodness....your cookies look wonderful. I had better get busy....I am way behind!!
I pretty much gave up baking Christmas cookies because my daughter Maryalice took over that task years ago.. Yours are beautiful. Your home must smell lovely ALL the time, Joyce!
Jim said…
You are truly driven!! I do hope you sample each batch....just to make sure!!
They look divine!
Kay said…
Your cookies are so pretty and delicious looking.