Christmas Day Raclette

 My daughter shows off her brother's wrapping job.
Teddy has to check out each present.
I got a new book.
Teddy got some presents too.  They have already been buried.

Every year we have raclette for Xmas brunch.  I forgot the pic of the potatoes.  I made smashed boiled potatoes which were then roasted in the oven until crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. The raclette is served with sweet pickles and onions, meats of your choice, mustard and cranberry sauce.

 The meats cook on top of the grill while the raclette broils underneath.

When the raclette is bubbling, it is poured over a potato.  It sure is good.  Hope you all had a good Xmas!


Anonymous said…
that looks wonderful! I have never had this but its a perfect meal , your daughter is lovely and I'm so glad Teddy took care of the gits quickly, I can just see Teddy checking to make sure no one was looking to see where they are buried, have a great boxing day,
I have never heard of raclette. But it looks scrumptious. Looks like Santa made a nice stop at your house. TEDDY as always is adorable. It is an important job to check out all the presents.
Guillaume said…
There is a Penguin Book of Witches? Another book I will need to buy for my Halloween collection.
Anonymous said…
I've never had this but it does look good! Our christmas food is so heavy so this would be a great substitute!

Have a good continuing of Yule!

Nellie said…
Everything looks so very good! A wonderfully festive time, particularly enjoyable for Teddy, whose name was definitely on the "nice" list! :-)
Rhapsody said…
Blessings of the season and happy new year.

It all looks good.
Cottage Tails said…
Tell blog tec - that is my kinda wrapping! I get myself in quite a pickle with tape.
Mack buried his gift too but Stella puts them in her den and hordes.
I've just asked the library to buy the book - fear is an awful think in the human race.
I'll pass on any meal with potatoes (shudder)
Jen Lawrence said…
What a wonderful brunch. I just got that Penguin book too. Teddy looks as sweet as ever.
Mystica said…
I've read about Raclete never eaten it. Sounds good.
Barb said…
Looks like a great family day and what a super brunch!! Brother wraps just like I do.
What a yummy brunch. I think I need you to come and cook for me!!!! HAH!
1st Man said…
I love that, I've never heard of that meal but it looks like my kind, ha. Thanks for sharing!