Christmas Decorating

 I love these Christmas light up houses.  I have lots of them but these are the only ones I put out this year.

 I wish I had this farm house and barn in my real life! I really need a farm.

 My coffee table.

 Christmas pillows.  That pile next to the sofa is Teddy's toys.  She rarely plays with them but you really don't want to move them, if you know what I mean.

I still have to put the tree skirt on.  I am hoping to decorate the front porch today and then the decorating is done.  I do so little decorating now compared to what I used to do.  I just remind myself how little there will be to take down after the holidays.


Love the light up houses too. The room with your decorations for Christmas is stunning. GORGEOUS and dazzling for sure.
NanaDiana said…
What a pretty, pretty room. I love your houses that are lit up. The room is beautiful! xo Diana

ps. You do know you have word verification on, right?
DeniseinVA said…
Gorgeous! Love all your decorations. Impressive!
If this is just "a little" decorating, I can't imagine what your home looked like when you went full whole hog!
Mary Ann said…
Joyce, I have jam-packed the little farmhouse for the last 9 years... and this year, with this huge house... I have been totally uninspired. I have only put out a fourth of our decorations, and I keep thinking of the "putting away" too. Maybe it's my cold. :-) Your house looks wonderful, as usual!
Nellie said…
Well, yes. What comes out to decorate does have to be stored back up when Christmas is over. It is much more fun taking things out than putting them away.

Did you know that there is a text identification on your blog this morning?
Robin Larkspur said…
As always, beautiful. With our kids grown and gone, it seems the decorating just gets less. Now if there were to be grandkids at some point, I have a feeling I would go nuts. Have fun with the porch! Apparently there is a major snow storm coming, so we all better get things done!
I do like those Christmas light up houses! I've only seen a few in my life, not too common here with other words :-)

Your tree is so beautiful!

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Everything is so beautiful I especially love the light up house.
Barb said…
Everything looks very pretty. I did some less decorating this year too.
Gatekeeper said…
Remain me of my grandmother place during the season. How much I miss her.
Susan said…
Oh, I love those houses! I would love to just sit in your living room and soak up the beautiful decorations! How lovely it all is...
Laura said…
Everything looks beautiful! I love those light up houses too!
ps..Hugs to Teddy
Simplicity can be the greatest elegance.
Houses are one of my favorite things. Yours are beautiful. I have one that I would love to light..but so far haven't taken the time to do it. One day I must do that!
No tree yet. It's coming from clear back east so...hopefully tomorrow? First time for ordering one.
Gosh, but that room is gorgeous!!!
Kay said…
You do have the most beautiful Christmas decorations.