Christmas Eve-il

Traditionally, we drive around on Xmas Eve to check out decorations and lights.  We read about this house and had to have a look.  Apparently, this home used to be quite the holiday attraction about 15 years ago.  But then, some neighbors complained about the traffic lining up to see the display and from then on, Xmas headed south in this neighborhood.

Click for a closer look at the decapitated choir.  You can see their heads taped onto traffic cones in the first photo.  And once again, a no trespassing sign in a place where no one really wants to go anyway.

I have some pretty dicey neighbors which I suddenly have a new found appreciation for.

This fight has been going on for over 10 years. Property values have plummeted and the neighbors won't allow their grandchildren to visit because of how frightening this is.

These are the lights that the owner of this horror house shines in the direction of his neighbors. This goes on all year long.

Signs like this cover the exterior of the place.  Click to enlarge.

This is the decapitated choir at night.  This case has gone to the state supreme court and still there is no resolution.  An example of mental health care in America...or lack thereof.  Hug your neighbor today!


WOW! So sad and scary. Loving your neighbor can be challenging
Anonymous said…
Good heavens, I have never in my life saw anything like this, wow, I'm surprised someone hasn't retaliated against their aggressive behavior. There is always a bigger bully some where, wow, I won't forget that for a while, thats incredible!
Anonymous said…
I had to go and look at this again, lol, what are the blue kiddy pools for? Covering plants??? These people might need some kind of medical help, I be thinking, lol, to bad, its a nice place and looks like a big property, it could be so beautiful, they obviously have money, just no brains,
Linda said…
And I thought I saw creepy Christmas decorations as I mentioned on my Wetcreek Blog yesterday. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Anonymous said…
He, he there's nothing like a war between neighbors :-) I'm so glad I don't live there.

I live in the good half of my village, the other half is quite different, wars goes on between neighbors every now and again. We in this half talks with each other before problems occur, life gets so much easier then :-)

Have a great day!
Mary said…
OK, moving on to the sane side of the world. No words for this kind of insanity! Very scary, I think mediating this feud passed a long time ago. In my state not neighborhood, and yet I live in Rhode Island, so almost every thing is close, a neighbor shot a neighbor over hedge trimming!!!!!!
Nancy B said…
Wow. We had neighbors register two complaints (same neighbor) with our city last year over the tiny white lights that outlined our house and roof. (Never came to us -- went straight to the city -- and these are neighbors with whom I've shared my garden produce!) So the tiny white lights didn't go up this year, and I'm trying to get rid of the resentment. Never knew I could go the complete opposite way and throw up a horror story on the front lawn!
Leeanna said…
Thank God I live in a good neighborhood. The people are questionable loony but at least they don't do that sort of thing.
A sad sight, for sure. I hope it gets resolved asap.
Ellen in Oregon said…
There was a similar case here in the news two years ago. A crazy retired dentist decided he was going to make his neighbor's lives miserable for no reason. bring bogus law suits against them that cost the neighbor thousands in legal expenses. Then the neighbors decided they had had enough of crazy dentist & put their home on the market knowing they would take a big loss. As soon as the crazy dentist saw the "For Sale" sign go up, he painted his whole house in neon strips & put graffiti everywhere including his roof. Of course no one would buy a home next to a house like that. Turns out nothing could be done to stop it because crazy dentist was not violating any State or city laws. He knew what he could get away with & was careful not to cross the line. The people basically had to abandon the home just to get away from this guy tormenting them. The bank foerclosed and since they couldn't sell house, it is constantly broken into by drug addicts. Crazy dentist now torments the neighbors on the other side of his property.
Maybe the courts need to take a look at having some common sense laws on the books to protect the rights of the majority rather than giving an individual all the rights one. The saddest part of your story is that it looks like small children live in that twisted home. Can you imagine what they are being brainwashed to believe with parents who behave like that? Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood more than big signs saying FU.
Susan said…
Yikes! That is an alarming example of some pretty scary mental health issues at large. Hope someone is keeping an eye on them. Makes me happy with the neighbors I have, even with their own issues. Geez.
Barb said…
Oh my, that is really sick!!
1st Man said…
I really have no
CMG said…
Unfortunate! What a shame that people have to be so hateful.
Heritage Hall said…
Maybe the neighbors now have a newly formed appreciation for the decorated house so attractive it drew congested traffic....much better than what they get in its present life. Unfortunately, this is not a sweet revenge....quite sick really. Would love to see the
original decorations and what the
neighbors opposed..... No winners here.....Sad.
Ian's Girl said…
Agree with Heritage Hall. To be so vindictive is terrible, but to snatch someone's joy away because you are inconvenienced for a few days is also terrible.

We used to live next door to a very Griswold like family. YES, the lights were insanely bright, and it was as though the sun shone 24 hours a day. YES, the traffic was awful at times. But they took such joy in it, as did the hundreds of people who came by every year, some returning with their own children.

A small part of me completely understands why they did this.
Everyone decorates differently and some not at all. Others have complete messes around their homes. As far as Christmas decor outside goes, it's a short time..and if someone overdoes..why not let it go in the spirit of the season. Huge blow up characters...all sorts of stuff..but it's only for a short time. The man across the street and one house down, is a bachelor with two grown sons..and his Christmas lights stay up all year long..and this year there was huge gaps in them..and some falling down..etc. His sons park on the lawn, you know, that sort of thing. They are all friendly and kind to others, are very obvioius dog lovers...and keep their dogs on their own property and well trained. So..there are good things about our neighbors. The season passes and the plastic blow up toys disappear..and another year begins with our quiet neighborhood in tact. Acceptance and patience and a lot of looking the other way. Truthfully, we laugh and accept them for who they are.

I could not believe the signs on that home. I wonder if they went from the love of their extreme Christmas decorating to their extreme anger. Frightening. So now all the neighbors live with tension..and just under the surface hatred???
Joyce..I hope Christmas was wonderful for you and your family and that the street that is going though all that trouble is not too near you. :) You are one of those that make Christmas the wonderful experience it can be.
Love and hugs..and Happy New Year, Joyce!!
Dee said…
Goodness - that is so sad.