Cooking and Baking

I got up early and made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and meatballs to make a spaghetti dinner for the young couple that just had the baby.  I have dough rising to make them crescent rolls too.
 I also made raspberry kringles to give to the neighbors with their cookie platters.  My kitchen sure smells good.

And I made some almond snowflakes.  I am almost done with my baking...woohoo!


I would probably have eaten me to death if I baked as many cookies as You do :-) :-) :-) That's why I've decided not to do anything until earlöy next week, it would all be gone long before christmas if I started now :-)

Those kids will be so happy for the food!

Have a great day!
You are a wonderful baker, cook and neighbor. So wonderful you share your talents with others.
Susan said…
So, do you collapse in a heap after you're done - can you bring yourself to eat anything for a week? If not, I will volunteer to help you with any excess of your amazingly wonderful food! With Teddy's approval, of course.
sandra hagan said…
You are a wonder!
Happy happy, merry merry, ho ho ho!
Laurie M said…
they will love your spaghetti and meatballs, beautiful cookies, I think you need a break after all this baking, lol,
Nellie said…
You have definitely kept your focus! Good for you!
Sandy said…
Everything looks so yummy!
Would you share your raspberry Kringle recipe?
Now THAT'S a pot of meatballs! Yowza!
Jim said…
Now YOU are the perfect neighbour to have!!
Guillaume said…
We ate Italian tonight.
You inspired me. I'm making spaghetti tomorrow. Yours looks delicious. Love those snowflakes too.
Kay said…
I don't know what, but you're making me want to go downstairs and bake something, anything.