Korean Breakfast

We love all things Korean here and we especially love eating Korean breakfasts.  Very often in Korea you will be served a raw egg to mix into your rice but this morning I made a Korean omelet to top the dish.
 Grate a knob of fresh ginger.

 Dice about 6 cloves of garlic.  It is Korean food after all so use lots of garlic.

 Thinly slice some kimchi.  I also sliced up pickled cucumber.

 Slice a large onion into semi thick slices.

Mix 2/3 C. of light brown sugar with 1/2 C. of soy sauce.

Add 2 T. sesame oil.

2 T. rice wine.

2 tsp. fish sauce.

Mix it all together and add the grated ginger.
Add as much hot chili oil as you like.  I used about 1 tsp..

Dice some fresh cilantro.

Briefly saute the onions and garlic.

Remove them after a minute and set them aside.
Add 1 pound of ground beef to the pan and cook it until it browns. Add the soy sauce mixture and simmer.
Dice up a block of firm tofu.

Throw the tofu and 1 can of diced water chestnuts into the beef.

Stir it around and simmer it over low heat.

Add some diced fresh cilantro.

Oil a non stick frying pan.  Beat about 6 eggs and pour half of them into the pan and cook over medium heat.

Sprinkle them with diced shallots, carrots and peppers.

As soon as the eggs begin to set, roll the omelet. Just roll it a couple times.

Slide the omelet to the side of the pan.

Pour the remaining eggs in the empty part of the pan.  Cook until it sets.

Roll the rest of the omelet and let it sit for a minute.

When firm, slice the omelet into pieces.

Place some rice in the bottom of a bowl.  It should be a sticky rice, not Uncle Ben's.

Add some of the beef mixture to the bowl.  Top with some kimchi and pickles.

Top with omelet slices and sprinkle with green onions.


Anonymous said…
this is so exotic to my eyes, it sounds wonderful, so many flavors I have no knowledge of, wonderful! So pretty!
Will you please please let me know next time so I can pop right over?
Anonymous said…
I have no idea what korean food is like, I don't think there's even a single korean restaurant in the entire country :-) Looks rather yummy though!

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
not crazy about the kimchee, but i do know my hubby would love this!
Alicia Foodycat said…
That is a breakfast I would love!
That looks like a helluva omelet! Solstice blessings to you and yours today, Joyce!
Kay said…
Oh my! This looks like something my son-in-law would definitely enjoy. :-)
Amanda said…
And you don't have a cooking show because???? I really enjoy reading your posts, for the food and the crafts. I do admit I cannot read your blog when I'm hungry because I'm always disappointed that I can't come downstairs to find your food waiting for me hahaha!! Keep on Cooking :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!
Guillaume said…
We had a Mexican breakfast at Heathrow, of all places.
I am seriously hungry after seeing this recipe. YUMMY!
sandra said…
pleassssse tell us all or at least "me",lol where you get all your energy from????? Im 46 and I find my energy going out the window more and more every year! Do you have any every habits you can share on this level???
All of your cookies and just everything you do and make look Amazing!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! :}
sandra said…
should read every day habit, ugh!
Jim said…
OH MY! This looks wonderful, Joyce! I can hear my stomach talking to me now. Have a great week.
Susan said…
That is my idea of the perfect breakfast!