My Christmas Front Door

 I didn't get too fancy on the front porch this year.

 I wanted a simple natural feeling for my decorations.

 I hung icicles from the top garland.

 And used mirrored bulbs on the wreath. I added spruce and eucalyptus and pine cones.

 It's hard to get a good photo of it but at night it twinkles.

Just a simple theme this year.


Valerie said…
Lovely! We're just getting our decorations out--always a fun time of the year. Blessings be!
So beautiful!

So far I've put up a lantern and I still have one pumpkin left on the stairs :-) :-)

You've got mail!

Have a great day!
NanaDiana said…
Your front porch is absolutely gorgeous! I just love it and you have dressed it beautifully. xo Diana
suz said…
oh my santa might just come through that lovely front door
Laura said…
It is so lovely. I should have you come and decorate for me one year! :-)
Happy Holidays!

ps...Hugs to Teddy!
Laurie M said…
I think simple is always best!
Mary said…
I love the icicles over door, some years I do this to inside banister. The porch looks great, I have done outside and fireplace mantel. Tree and the rest of house will be done next week. But my shopping is all done and wrapped so yay!
Nellie said…
I think it looks just lovely!
Leeanna said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I love it!
Robin Larkspur said…
Very pretty. Natural and simple can be so elegant.Love all the photos.
Ellen in Oregon said…
You did a fantastic job decorating. I really do believe less is more. I love how the silver sparkle ties everything together. It reminds me of of how a home in Victorian times might have looked. I particularly like the beautiful urns full of greenery at bottom of the stairs.
It's beautiful. I love those icicles and mirror balls.
Guillaume said…
Beautiful decorations.
Mary Ann said…
Your decorations always look so wonderful!

Do not feel badly... Blogger has put verification back on almost everyone, I can only think of one blog I have not had to verify on in the last two weeks!
Vera said…
Beautiful! I noticed we still have a pumpkin on our front porch - lol. But I did iron a Christmas tablecloth and put it on our table tonight and decorated our buffet with a birch log with holes drilled in it for candles, a few silver ornaments and just a few Christmas remembrances from years past.
Barb said…
I sometimes think the simplest themes are the best. I have gone more natural this year. I'm using stuff from the woods in my back yard.
Birgit said…
Love, love, love it! :)

Just in case I don't have time to visit you again before Christmas, I want to wish you and your family a magical Christmas, Joyce!

chickpea678 said…
Love it. Simple and beautiful. Elegant too!
There is nothing like FRESH garland and wreaths. Wish my tree would get here...hope I'm not sorry I ordered it instead of picking it out. :)
Your front porch is stunning!
This is so pretty,
you have definitely inspired me


Jim said…
Beautiful. Nice job!
Kay said…
Simple? This looks like a Christmas card! It's gorgeous!