The Tree is Up

We put the tree up yesterday.  This is a big one.  My ceilings are 12 feet high.  This is the latest my tree has gone up in  a long time. I seem to be so far behind this year.  My husband always does the lights so I left him to it and went to bed last night.
 When I came downstairs this morning, I flipped the light switch and this is what I saw.

Now it is time for me to do the rest.

I've been working on these tags/ornaments.  I like to make as much homemade stuff as I can for Christmas so this year I decided to make tags.  I saw these on pinterest and thought they would be fun to try.

All you do is buy craft clay from Michael's, cut it in any shape you want, impress it however you like and then bake it until it hardens. 

Then you can paint them or leave them plain and add ribbon or twine.  You can attach them to presents and then the recipient can hang them on the tree after they open their present.


Margaret said…
What a lovely idea and such a beautiful tree! Maggie
Beautiful tree--putting on the lights is a job!

Great idea for the tags
Putting on Xmas tree lights is the most frustrating job in the world -- but clearly your hubz is up to the task! Love those tags too. What a neat idea.
Love those tags - what a great idea!
My husband just finished putting the lights on our tree so now I am off decorating it.
Nellie said…
Those tags are a great idea! You've been busy!
Cottage Tails said…
your tree looks beautiful. We are late putting up the tree... I better get in the mood
Sandy said…

What a beautiful tree, I love your homemade Christmas ornaments.
Anonymous said…
That tree is beautiful with just the lights!
I put up my tree too today, it's slightly smaller than Yours though, around ten feet smaller :-) and for the first time in my life it's a fake one.

I thoght that since either I kill them by watering too little or Orvar kills them when I plkant them in the garden by peeing them to death I might as well buy a fake one this year. It's not the same but at least it will hang on for several years :-)

What a great ide with those tags! Too bad we don't buy any gifts :-)

Have a great day!
Joyce, he did a great job! Congratulateour tree fre him for us. It's beautiful.
The trunk looks fine to me. You DO have high ceilings. Ours is the usual standard. Mine won't get here until the 12th, so I am going to have to hussle. No problem..there are already three prelit silk tree's in the house..but NOT lit like that I haven't the energy to add more lights to them.
Besides, there are two giant redwoods out front all decorated.
So..I can wait. I had forgotten that fireplace..what is it made of. If I didn't have to hang all those decorations I would feel better. :)
P.S. About those gift tags..I don't think I have ever known anyone in my life with the energy you have! Of course you can cook with one hand tied behind your back. No..really!! We saw that first hand! LOL
Your tree is gorgeous. Love the gift tag ornaments. Something different.
Susan said…
Wow! Those lights are perfect! It is really an art to get them that evenly disbursed. Mine always tended to clump. I called them constellations.... :) I love that idea of the gift tag/ornament. What a great way to reuse and remember!
Guillaume said…
The Christmas tree is up (and decorated) here too. Yours looks far better though.
Leeanna said…
So Pretty! I wish we could have a real tree this year but the ones for sale here are too expensive and a bit scrawny.
i love the ornaments idea.
Barb said…
Your tree looks just beautiful. Your husband did a super job! The name tags are so cute. What a good idea.
Robin Larkspur said…
What a great craft idea. THe more home made things at Yule time the better!
chickpea678 said…
Lovely tree and lovely gift tag/ornaments. My goodness, you have a lot of energy!!!