Where is My Winter?

 No snow for all of December.  We've had lots of ice and rain.  I need snow!!!

 Teddy does not like rain.  She spends lots of time inside praying to the Food Dropping Gods.

The rest of the time she sits by the open door, waiting for the rain to stop and wearing her 'I hate this weather' face.  I sure hope we have a snowy January!


Laurie M said…
awww, poor Teddy, its certainly is winter here, freezing cold, more snow over night, I would switch places , lol !!!no computer for me for a while, just Garry's phone,
Have the food dropping gods been merciful? :-) I do hope so :-)

Above 32F, barely, here today and lots of fog. Rather nice actually. it will stay like this for a few days and then we might get it colder again. A very odd winter.

Have a great day!
Do those food dropping gods accidently on purpose, leave any tidbits for Teddy? I bet they do. I'm fine with the lack of snow here. Though I must admit it's pretty to look at.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Poor Teddy!

It's cold in Southern England, with frosts that don't burn off all day, but no sign of snow yet!
Nellie said…
Teddy is so cute! It seems that we have had lots of rain here recently, though we are going to end 2014 with a rainfall deficit.
Guillaume said…
There is no snow even in Montreal! But thankfully I had a white Christmas in Chicoutimi, although not very white compared to the usual.
Susan said…
I am with you! Our one snowstorm was washed away, leaving us with dull brown everything, now frozen. It's not winter without snow!
Looks like your winter is just like ours! Happy New Year to you, Joyce!
Ian's Girl said…
Ditto! We don't often have much snow yet anyway, but the last two years we were spoiled with plenty, and I miss it.
Joy said…
Ahhh...Teddy has such a sad face! Hope you get your snow in the New Year! Cheers from Poland!
Mary Ann said…
Oh my goodness, I'm the opposite. I wish, I wish we would not have snow. We are expecting some this week, and I'll gladly send it Teddy's way.
Barb said…
The cold is up here. No snow in Seattle but lots in the mountains. If Teddy does not like rain, she would not be very happy up here. I actually much prefer rain to this bitter , sunny cold we are having right now.
petoskystone said…
I do not like this 'winter', either :(
I must be satisfied with rain and looking at the snow from a distance. We may make a drive into the mountains before my friend leaves. Happy New Year...You are three hours ahead of us...so be sure and tell me what it's like when you get there so I will know what to expect. LOL
Just kiddin' :)
I love Teddy, we have a pug and when it comes to cooking time she sets up under the counter the whole time,

Happy New Year
Shannon said…
I don't know what part of the country you live in, but here on the east coast The Farmer's Almanac predicted a brutal, snowy winter.

Like you, we're still waiting. :o)
Kay said…
I love your "Food Dropping
gods". Too funny!