Bread and Rolls

 I like to use homemade bread and rolls when I pack The Blog Techs lunch each day.  So, each week I bake some bread and different rolls to use each day.  This buttermilk sandwich bread is wonderful, you can find the recipe here:

 I showed these rolls a while ago but they are so good I figured I would post them again in case you missed them:

This recipe makes 8 large rolls.

I changed the topping to include one whole egg instead of just an egg yolk.  This spreads better than using just the yolk.

These are just the best sandwich rolls.

I freeze them and just pull one out when needed.

It is freezing here today, last I heard we are -14 degrees.

Stay warm wherever you are! I want to crawl inside a warm bun!


Anonymous said…
you have a very lucky son!!!
Anonymous said…
That is nasty cold! I bet You like it :-)

Unusually warm here and the weather keeps changing all the time. Odd winter this year!

I'll bake some rolls this weekend, I was going to bake bread anyway so why not try these rolls.

Have a great day!
Crawling inside a nice warm bun? A Joycewich!
Sandy said…

Homemade bread is just wonderful when making sandwiches for lunch at work. Your husband must love his lunches. The bread from the store just doesn't cut it one bit!!!!

Homemade all the way!!!
Guillaume said…
More bread? You make me hungry for carbs.
Barb said…
I think those delicious looking rolls will help you to stay warm!
Mary Ann said…
I bought yeast before Christmas meaning to try some of your rolls... I'm going to since I am a prisoner in the house with a jaw infection!
Nellie said…
Nothing better than homebaked bread! Yum!
Homemade bread fills the tummy on a cold day. Stay warm. It's below zero here too.
A dear friend in Iowa just wrote me tonight that the wind chill was -47 and that she was miserable. She said she could not get her hands warm..and said she would not leave the house. It was 61 degree's here today and I worked out in the yard and garage organizing and sprucing up the front porch finally after taking all the decor down after the first. Actually..I finally got to in on the 4th! The rolls look delicious! If the cold is anything like Irma describes, it's no wonder you feel like climbing in one. I roll up big bath towels and stick them in my bed at night and unroll them..and when I finally crawl in, I'm asleep in no time! The bed is all toasty. Electric blankets kind of scare me. :)
I should make some of those rolls for my friends while the are here.
Your snow should stick around for awhile with cold like that.. right?
Kay said…
Oh gosh! These look so yummy!