I was asked yesterday just what I do at my craft table.  Well, it could be anything.  I tend to pop from one craft to another so it's usually whatever interests me at any given moment.  I've made garden totems, Halloween decorations, wreaths, costumes....I can't even remember most of it because I tend to give everything away.  At the moment I am working towards making these little witches.

 I used to make lots of elaborate cards.

 I collected vintage postcards and then designed cards around them.

 One year I took all the Christmas cards people sent me the year before, turned them into homemade cards and gave them back to the senders, like this one above.

 Little kids really enjoy these cards too.

 They were always popular for Valentines Day too.

 I don't make these anymore.

Once I do a craft for a while, I lose enthusiasm for it and move on to the next one.
 So now I am gathering lots of felt and embroidery thread.

And practicing my stitches by making wonky little hearts until I get good enough to sew the little witches.


Anonymous said…
they are beautiful! You have a lovely spot to craft and you do such beautiful work, your heart is perfect!
Anonymous said…
It is fun to have something to do like that but I tend to not keeping on with the same thing especially long :-)

I do like those little witches!

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
love your wonky hearts. xx
CalamityJr said…
What lovely crafts, especially the hearts you're working on now. Thanks for sharing!
Guillaume said…
Oh I want those witches in the first picture!
Oh, I remember seeing those beautifully elaborate cards on your blog a few years ago! And all those glass lawn ornaments you used to make out of thrift store glassware too. Looking forward to seeing more of your felt and needlework creations now!
Those cards are beautiful They remind me of vintages pieces from yesteryear. The witches will be wonderful, I know. Intrigued by the felt hearts too. How sweet they will be.
Nellie said…
Perfect heart! You are always busy!
Texan said…
Well aren't you the talented one! I love your garden totems you do and these cards are super nice as well!
DeniseinVA said…
What fun, these are all great!
Barb said…
Love seeing all your crafts! The cards were beautiful! Those little witches will be so cute!
Your tiny felt witches are so sweet! I don't know what happened...I used to love to do crafts..always sewing something but I guess I went through them all and now only getting my photo's into scrapbooks for my children and family, interests me.
My favorite was to make doll and all. Now my eye's won't let me..and my fingers are not as nimble as they used to be. I try not to think about it..but I love to see what others do. Your cards are precious, Joyce! You have so darned many talents!! :) LOVE it!
1st Man said…
Your heart is beautiful. And I mean that literally and figuratively. :-)
sandra said…
The cards are gorgeous and fun! I am the same way and can nottt craft the same type of thing for to long. Your stitches are looking pretty great to me so get at those adorable witches lol ;] .
Kay said…
Your cards are truly treasures to be kept forever.
Oh, we should definitely live closer....I think our crafting habits are similar! I could open a craft store...and it looks like maybe you could too!!!