Hot Dog Buns

Sometimes you just need a good hot dog and it all starts with a good bun.  This is the best recipe I have found.  These could be made as hamburger buns to.  You can find the recipe here:
 Once you divide the dough, you roll each piece into hot dog bun shape.

 Place them close together so when they rise the sides will touch.

 Risen buns.  This recipe makes 18 buns.  They freeze perfectly too.

 I brush them with an egg white wash and sprinkle them with 'everything' bagel topping.

 Fresh from the oven.

I like them with a little onion.  My husband eats his with homemade relish and mustard.


Nellie said…
There is nothing better than a good hot dog! We like chili, slaw, onion, and relish on ours! And spicy mustard!
Yum Yum that looks like one tasty hot dog. I think I would eat mine with some spicy mustard and relish--not a big fan on onion
Dee said…
I will have to try this recipe - love the bread recipe.
Wow, these look fantastic !! Here in The Netherlands you have to go to the bigger supermarkets to be able to buy hotdog buns and they aren't cheap. This is a great recipe to make them myself. Thank you very much !!
I'm a brown mustard and relish gal. LOVE the idea of everything bagel mix on top of the buns. YUMMY!
Laurie M said…
what beautiful buns, the toppings really add to them, yummo!
CalamityJr said…
Ooh, now I'm hungry! Hot dogs for lunch, anyone?
I've never baked hotdog buns and these look so delicious that I probably would make yummy sandwiches with them :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I have tofu dogs in the fridge. We'll have them tomorrow, but I don't think I can find or bake such lovely buns.
Gatekeeper said…
Every time I came here feels like I gain 2 pounds.
I WILL MAKE THESE! I LOVE hotdogs but hate the store bought buns! How are you, Joyce. I wowed my friends with the wonderful syrup you sent..I still have one precious can left..