I Love my CSA

 CSA=Community Supported Agriculture.  I pick my box up every other Wednesday at a drop off place less than a mile from my house.  This is the first time I have signed up for a CSA and I am loving it. I doubt I will continue through the summer since I like to go out and forage for myself but with all the farm markets closed and no local produce to be found anywhere during the winter, this is perfect.

 It's always a surprise to see what is in the box.  They send an email a day ahead of delivery listing what to expect and giving you recipes for the items.  Fresh new potatoes are always welcome.

 And lettuce from a hoop house....perfect!  I love having fresh lettuce this time of year.

 Big bulky knobby carrots give me goosebumps.  So much better than store bought.

 My all time favorite...fresh eggs.  Teddy had one for breakfast this morning.  And I got a jar of rhubarb jam.

 A chunk of local cheese and tomatillo salsa.

Rome apples, turnips, shallots and acorn squash.  I'll show you what I made with some of this tomorrow.


Laurie M said…
oh wow, a treasure box, just like christmas!
Susan said…
I would love to belong to a winter CSA - I don't know if it's too cold up here to make it worthwhile, but I bet there would be a lot of takers. What a nice variety of products in your box! The cheese, fruit and preserves are a nice addition. And I am sure you will make fantastic things with it all!
Nellie said…
What a beautiful bounty from CSA! I need to check into that for this area!
Heritage Hall said…
Lucky you to have this advantage so close to home...looks almost
like a Summer harvest... Just know you will more than do justice
to the bounty.....
I know they have something similar in the big cities but I haven't heard about it aroiund here. I think it is a great idea and hope they'll start with it here too!

Looking forward to see what You made :-)

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
Wish they didn't wrap so much of it in plastic. We get an organic vege box weekly and it is always a lucky dip of what you get - feels like Christmas every week.
I think supermarkets have had their day - people are wanting fresh food that they know where it has come from.
Joy said…
What a special treat during these dark, gloomy winter days! Enjoy!
Tubaville said…
What a great assortment of stuff! We do a summer veggie CSA but only because I haven't found any year round full-diet here in arctic Minnesota. I love CSA day each week. It is like veggie Christmas.
Guillaume said…
I love buying local and encouraging local businesses.
That Community Supported Agriculture is a terrific idea. Looks like you got quite alot of goodies. I love the shallots. Use them all the time. Can't wait to hear what you made out of all the stuff.
greekwitch said…
That is just wonderful! It might be the first time i craved a lettuce. A salad with a bunch of stuff in it, sure, but finding a lettuce yummy that's a first!
As for the cave thing.. i already knew your dislike of summer, and love of everything cold, but i did not imagine it went that far. Lol!
Are you a scorpio?
Kay said…
Oh wow! You're so lucky. These look fabulous!