Ice Festival

 The reason we drove to the mountains on Saturday was to go to an ice festival.  The rime made the scene perfect.

 A scarecrow on the square.


 The detail on some of these is amazing.

Blocks of ice were ready to be carved.

 When we were here last year, the temperature was 28 below zero. This year it was about 30 degrees.

 I thought these baby birds were cute.

 Setting up more blocks to carve.

 A stiletto.

 I like this palette.

 The entry from the local firehouse.



Brrr Beautiful and looks cold. More snow on the way--maybe winter will come today
Alicia Potvin said…
Just beautiful! I love ice and snow sculptures. Thank you for sharing these lovely works of art.
Dee said…
Those are amazing! Such talent.
Anonymous said…
wow, they are amazing, it always amazes me that artists go though s much work to produce work that is so fleeting, the same with sand artists, I understand it , its the joy of the journey of creating the art, but it still leaves me in awe.
Great sculptures! We have an ice festival going on here at the moment too, except it's so warm that everything is melting. Hello, is this Canada in January? WTF?
Susan said…
A friend's husband is carving (with help) an entire building in Pittsburgh! I wish I could go to see it. However, I have a feeling I will be challeneged to leave my house after tonight.
Nellie said…
Some wonderful artists have been hard at work! Hopefully the temperatures didn't rise too high to melt all their lovely work too quickly!
Anonymous said…
The artists carving those ice sculptures are amazing! Ice is a very difficult material to work with I've heard.

I think rime look better on trees than snow does, it sort of sparkles even when the sun doesn't shine.

Have a great day!
Leeanna said…
great talent. Love the cupid, but all of them are wonderful.
Joy said…
How cool! Did you get to see some the carvers in action too? I've witnessed the ice carving in person on a cruise ship and in hotels before. Very impressive!
Guillaume said…
Reminds me of the sculptures on snow they were making when I was a child. They had a whole festival of them in the town of Jonquière, called "Jonquière en neige".
What fun. A perfect winter outing. My hubby went to one last year. I missed it. LOVE the carvings at yours. The birds are my favorites.
Wow..those love birds were amazing. How they cut through like that without it breaking ...there must be so much to learning that art! Lovely!! I am sooo glad you are back home safe and sound!
Rue said…
Oooh the ram is my favourite!

What a fun event - and I'm glad it was considerably warmer for you this year!