We finally got a bit of snow.

 Along with it came frigid temperatures.

 This is where Teddy likes to spend the day.  Good for her but it makes for nippy temps in the kitchen.

 Occasionally she ventures out to check for bad kitty tracks.

 She checks the entire upper garden thoroughly.

 Then she lets me know it is time to check out the lower thirty.

 Okay bad kitties, I know you are out there somewhere.

 Frozen fish.

 Teddy breaks the ice on the ponds with her jumbo paws so she can get a drink.

 And she eats snow.

 Those bad kitties are smart, they are curled up somewhere warm.

 She will just have to look for them again later.

Time to head home to the warm mother ship.


Teddy is beautiful and very smart--I think I would have to tell her in or out with an open door and frigid temps
Alicia Foodycat said…

My cat is also a fan of the open door and the frequent scans for bad kitties (Bad Kitty is a neighbouring Siberian called Ed).
Enjoy your bit of winter while it lasts!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you got some snow, I know you love the snow, Teddy is such a Regal looking dog, very elegant, even from the back end, lol, takes the job very seriously! Its the coldest day here yet 32 below, schools are closed,
Margaret said…
I just love the adventures of Teddy!
Nancy B said…
Beautiful photos ...
Anonymous said…
Teddy is so adorable! I used to have a black lab/chow mix. She looked mostly lab but her tongue was purple and she had "pants" and a fluffy tail. Wonderful dog like Teddy. I wish we would get a good covering of snow here in Minnesota. I love your pictures. Gorgeous.
Cottage Tails said…
Your garden looks totally different and wonderful with snow.
But way too cold for me... brrrr
Enjoy your snow
Mary said…
It is no wonder that you are always in the kitchen cooking or baking. Just to keep the house warm...silly dog.
Anonymous said…
Yes it's always best to keep an eye on those bad kitties :-)

Congratulations! Finally snow :-)
We got some too and thgen the rain came and then below 32F temperatures, I wasn't bored driving home anyway :-)

Have a great day!
TEDDY I have a secret to share with you. Those bad kitties are somewhere warm, inside someplace else, wreaking havoc. You can have at them, at your place, come spring. Love how you take a drink of water from the frozen pond. We got snow here too. Too much for my comfort. But it sure looks pretty, doesn't it?
Joy said…
Sooo cute! Glad you finally got your snow for you and Teddy! :-)
sandra hagan said…
Ms. Teddy is her own person.
Guillaume said…
Lovely snow! I miss it.
Mary Ann said…
Teddy is so brave in the cold!
Nellie said…
Winter looks beautiful at your house!
We have really cold temps predicted for overnight, but no snow. Schools on two-hour delay tomorrow.
Barb said…
Teddy is a wonderful patrol dog!
1st Man said…
Teddy loves her snow huh? I think that's neat that she loves going out in it and roaming around. Growing up, we had a poodle and when we lived in a snowy state (Rhode Island) he was terrified of the snow, ha.

I love the gazing balls at the bottom of the steps, they look so ethereal in the snow.

Oh, and does that mean your pond has fish sticks in it? LOL!

Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of the snow!
Joyce, I LOVE the way you cater to Teddy! I do the same with Mele. Of course it's not as cold outside here..but we are headed for more cold weather they tell us. Mele does the same check of her little and out through the shrubs. Teddy just looks like a larger version of Mele..
How we love our little girls!!
I forgot for a minute that I wanted to tell you how please I am that at least a bit of snow fell. Our mountain snow is all GONE! We are hoping for more..much more! Your front porch ..sooo beautiful!