The Basement Part II

 This is just part of what is walking out the door this morning.  Goodbye junk and clutter!

 I found a chair underneath it all.  Just as I was wrapping up the project, I mentioned to my husband that at some point I would like to paint the floor.  Uh oh, the Painting Maniacs eyes lit up.  He loves to paint. 

 He immediately taped my soapstone stationary tub so he can paint the base.

 And then he littered my newly cleaned area with all of his paint supplies.

I will try to just focus on my craft area and hope this project is done sometime this year.  I'll keep you posted!


Hey if the man wants to paint, I say let him.
Laurie M said…
uh oh, I see trouble in your fore see able future, lol, you have a great area for crafting!!!
James Weathers said…
LOVE the Uncle Sam board!!!!
CalamityJr said…
That's a great crafting area. You share your recipes and gardens, but what do you create in that inspirational room?
I do like to paint, after all it is my job :-) But it takes forever until I get started :-) I guess that can have something to do with me painting all day as it is :-)

That is a great space to have, my cellar is a bit too cold to use for anything else that wintering plants.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to find the only pair of trousers that I can wear for official events at work. I found it, after turning my cupboards upside-down. I feel your pain.
I once painted the floor in my old house. It was lots of fun. That tub looks interesting too. You are making lots of progress.
Texan said…
I have a lot of painting that needs doing at my house.. just sayin :O)

We would LOVE a basement. Don't do those in Texas. When we retire to AR and build our cabin, its so going to have a basement! :O)
greekwitch said…
First the table and now the chair! How could you forget about them? they looked so cute. By the end you will have a fully furnished pretty apartment-workshop-witch cave! Good luck!
Nellie said…
You've made great progress on the basement! Hope the painting project goes just as well!
As cold as it has been..your heating system must be pretty good. When it froze here, I hovered near the fireplace. A 6 day visit to Connecticut one October, taught me that I am definately not a East Coast girl. :) I didn't get warm from the time I landed in New England until I landed six days later in California. :) The basement is coming right along!
Kay said…
I love your craft area and I would love it if my husband liked to paint.