The Dreaded Basement

 The embarrassment of it all!  Do you have a junky area in your home?  Mine is my basement.  My house is well over 100 years old and the basement is the rough spot in it.  I had shelving and closets built in years ago but there is only so much that can be done with this area.  I guess because it is not very attractive, it tends to be treated in a shabby way.  Things just get thrown and tossed in it and soon it becomes a big mess.  It looks like a hoarder lives here. I dove into it yesterday to try to organize it as much as I can.  After 6 hours, one third of it was tidied up.  I plan on tackling more of it today.  One thing I unearthed was this sweet farm table.

 It has an enameled table top with two leaves that slide out and up and lock in place.

 Maybe someday if I get my little farm, I can use this in the kitchen.

 The witch sisters sit on my craft counter.

 And amongst the pipes and wires, I have a pantry.

 After my work yesterday, I have some empty shelves....a small miracle!

 Part of my craft area.

Now I have to organize this mess.  If you don't hear from me in a few days, send in the troops!


Our barn is our area. I knew where everything was until my husband moved here on a permanent basis when he retired, now I cannot find anything!! Keep well Diane
Anonymous said…
it looks like a normal basement, lol, ours used to look the same, I think everyone needs a place to keep the over flow, lol, , until we down sized,
that is one gorgeous table, I hope you have that farm soon to use it,
Ahh I know these feelings well--I think every person has an area like this.

You are making progress--just keeping working
Susan said…
Oh, I love that table! It is true that there are spaces in each home that tend to be treated 'indelicately'. Mine is the craft/office. The closet in that room is getting downright dangerous! We'll send Teddy in to sniff you out if we don't hear from you... :)
Anonymous said…
My garage is the worst area of that kind :-) I'm afraid I have a few of them :-) I can't have my car in teh garage because mice eat all the cables in the car so I just toss in the summer furnitures and tires and those kind of things there.

Nova also dug her way in there from the dog yard and both she and Sune has made the place even worse but I guess thay had fun doing it :-)

Have a great day!
greekwitch said…
I love this table! It is unbelievably cute! As for the mess, unfortunately our basement looks worse...A lot worse!
I have an area just like it. When you get done could you head here and whip me into shape. Tackling it is the last thing I want to do. Looks like you made remarkable progress.
NanaDiana said…
Been there, done that! It is an awful job but one that is so rewarding when it is done. Good luck! xo Diana
It feels soooooooooooo good when you've got it all organized though, doesn't it?
Kev Alviti said…
I'd love a basement! I'm trying to declutter at the moment but it's not going that well as I seem to move things from one surface to another!
Looks like you've made good progress though.
Guillaume said…
We have a place like this: the whole apartment! I am from a messy generation. At least you have lots of treasures in your messy place.
Nellie said…
You have a great basement, and I love that table! It does look like you have a bit more work to do - a "winter project!":-)
Barb said…
We all need a spot like that!Mine is an attic room and a work room in the basement.
No basement and no attic! Well, perhaps you have not organized in a while, however, I see a lot of very nice organization! :) Oh..and before I forget, I just noticed the little tag on your sidebar about witches and..the thing about YOU know who that doesn't exist..PERFECT! Love it!
Now. The table!!!! *sigh* :)

Can't wait to see the basement floors..The bakery's were painted a pretty gray once, then sandblasted and polished to a gleam. Concrete is wonderful stuff.
Say..can you cook and do this at the same time?? :) Just kidding!
Patty Woodland said…
My grandmother had a table like that but it was in her house in Philadelphia.