The Ugly Basement

 I finally finished the basement.  Though it looks better, it is still an ugly basement.  But for 140 year old house, I guess I shouldn't complain.  This was the pantry area before we painted the floor.

Here it is now.  A bit neater looking.
 This was the other area before I got started.

 Here it is after I cleaned it up.

 And here it is now.

 I can actually see from one end to the other.

 Teddy checked every nook and cranny.  There could have been bad kitties hiding under all that stuff.

 Thank god I found nothing alive or dead down here.

 I might have to crack out my roller skates!

The first person that throws something in here and does not put it in it's proper place is out on the street!


chickpea678 said…
Looks AMAZING! You must feel great!
Valerie said…
Great way to begin the new year! It looks very inviting!
Great results--it looks great

I'm with you on the first person to put something where it does not belong
What a difference! Looks great!
Anonymous said…
your husband did a great paint job!!! It looks wonderful and that is one very cosy nest of a chair!
I am so jealous of your basement! It looks great (and about as big as the downstairs of my house)
Anonymous said…
It sure looks much better than it does in my cellar :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Hippo said…
I'm not sure I'd want a basement in my cottage here, I'd be too terrified of what might crawl in!
M. Silvius said…
Looks fabulous Jaz. Amazing what a little bit of sorting out, a bit of paint and some light bulbs will do. I can't stand a mess but nature abhors a vacuum so invariably the clutter lands somewhere. You just have to get after it once in a while. The desk looks great. Rather like control central in an ICBM bunker.
Nellie said…
Great job! Let's hope no one winds up out on the street!
Leeanna said…
All basements are either ugly or scary or both. I love what you did with yours. It looks great!
Guillaume said…
I love your basement. It looks full of mystery. My grandmother had a basement that was much smaller than yours, I mean very small, but full of odd stuff and mystery too. It fascinated me. There was even a "secret passage" between the two rooms that made the basement (a storage room and a living room where the TV was), which was started with the opening next to the boiler, undearneath the stairs, ending with a small cupboard door where she stored the chips and colas.

Anyway, do you have a secret passage in there too?
Kay said…
I just LOVE before and after shots. I scrolled up and down several times just to enjoy the pleasure of organization again. You did an amazing job.
Barb said…
Good job! It looks great!
Smiled about the roller skates. I used to skate in the basement when I was a kid. You have the perfect space to do it. LOOKS good.
Joy said…
Wow! The basement is huge and looks very good now! I forget how much space there is in America since we've been gone for 5 years now! :-)
sandra said…
Much better! Great job!! Now sell the exercise stuff, the chair and get your skates out! that would be the perfect spot to do fun little circles, round and round,lol! I sooo miss skating!! Good exercise,helps you think and makes you feel super young ;]!
Mary said…
The basement looks much better, My husband painted wall and floor of our basement last year so very much better. When was a child we used to skate in a neighbors basement you could go in a complete circle around the whole basement....happy days!
It looks great, Joyce! What a huge difference. I need to do that to my desk area. When guests came I stacked it all in a basket and put it in the garage..well..two baskets! Big ones. I hope my office turns out half as nice as your basement. What a GREAT change!