After using up all of the apples passed on to me the other day, I still had a box full of ripe bananas to turn into something so they would not go to waste.  Banana bread was a no brainer.  i used this recipe:

I cut each loaf into four mini loaves so more people would get some.  It's very dense so these small loaves go far.

At noon The Blog Tech will be passing out the apple sauce and bread.  Food saved from the dumpster!  A bunch of people get a nice treat! Score one for the team!

For one family with a bunch of little kids, I made a big bread pudding. Here is the recipe:

You have to temper the eggs with the hot sugar mixture.

I mixed the bread cubes with 1 cup of raisins and about 4 thinly sliced bananas.

It bakes at 350 degrees for about 1 hour.

This is served warm with a vanilla sauce ladled over it.

It is so cold here today that Teddy's water fountain froze.

It didn't help that each time I closed the patio door she opened it again.  She likes to lay just inside of the opened door.


Anonymous said…
I must try that bread pudding one day! Looks delicious and I love bananas and raisins and I can drink vanilla sauce :-)

It must be awfully cold if the water freeze in the fountain! Poor Teddy, she can't have both :-)

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
The bread is wrapped so pretty. I bet lots of people will be pleased to see the blog tec today.
So wonderful you saved the apples and bananas and stale bread and made them into something warm and wonderful
Anonymous said…
wow, that fountain froze, that is cold, its really cold here too, that bread pudding looks so good, good for you saving all that food from the garbage dump!
Mary said…
It is a shame we don't live across the street from each other. I use to do a lot of I have three mini loaf pans,,,,I use to make 32 small fruit cakes every Christmas for neighbors and the freezer. Nothing nicer than your own little fruit cake and a pot of tea in February.
Jim said…
Lucky recipients of that bread and apple sauce!
That bread pudding looks delicious too and with bananas!
Cold here too. Time for multi-layering!!
Man, that bread pudding sounds good!
Nellie said…
How wonderful! Applesauce and banana bread! The bread pudding will be a real treat!
Your Banana bread looks so special, wrapped up like that. Hearing about your bread pudding made me smile. My nana would always make me a batch when i was a child. A wonderful memory you will make for this family and all the others too. Good for you.
sandra hagan said…
must say it looks fabulous!
Guillaume said…
I want to try all this, especially the applesauce.
Barb said…
You and the Blog tech are a blessing to so many people!
linda said…
You amaze me more each day.. I not only love your recipes but the journey alone is worth following.. I am making the apple sauce today thanks to you.. My grandchildren will love it!
Mary Ann said…
Even in the cold, Lilly likes to lay inside the front door, where it's cool... or up on the guest room bed, because that room is cooler!