Westside Market, Cleveland

 We headed out early yesterday to go to one of our favorite places to shop, Westside Market in Cleveland.  I really like Cleveland.  Some parts of it are run down but it certainly is beginning to pick itself up and there are some really neat little areas worth visiting.  The whole area around the Westside Market is very cool and the people are really friendly. This is where the Cleveland Indians play. I believe that sports teams need to reevaluate their names.

 Drive across the expansive bridge from the stadium and it takes you ...

 right to the Westside Market.

 We bought lunch from Maha's Falafil and it was excellent.

 You can find just about any type of meat here that you might be looking for.

 Somethings back legs....sheep? Goat?  Maybe lamb?

 Bacon galore!  Maple bacon, garlic bacon, Xmas ale bacon, bacon jam, etc..

 All sorts of seafood and our favorite, Lake Erie perch.  When I was a little girl, my mother would sometimes fry perch and I still love it.

 Anyone need a pig?  Or any pig byproducts?

 Huge beef hearts, tongue, oxtails.  Oxtails make great soup and very good beef bone broth, my new culinary addiction.

 They offer any kind of chicken you want along with quail, ducks and goose.

 All in a beautiful 100 year old brick building.

 After we filled our market cards and stomachs, we headed back across the bridge and were on our way home.

 We took side roads and the resting winter fields were awesome.

These painted bay hales always make me smile.


What a magnificent market. Looks like they had everything and anything.LOVED the hay bale.
I had beef tongue once and it was delicious.
Anonymous said…
That looks like a place I would love to walk around in :-) I guess quail is very delicious but how amny must one eat to feel that one has eaten enything at all :-)

We often had ox tail soup when I grew up, back then it was a poor mans food but things have changed and today it's the opposite :-) Fried perch is absolutely delicious!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I would love to see this market, my family always cooked the tongue and heart the day after butchering, people loved it, the hay bay creations are so dang cute, who takes the time to do this, lol, wonderful!
chickpea678 said…
How is that market so empty?!
Guillaume said…
Already on the road?
Kay said…
What an incredible market place. I can't remember being in a place like that. LOVE those hay bales.
Barb said…
What an awesome market. It looks a bit like an indoor Pike Place Market.
Cottage Tails said…
oh my I've never ever seen such a market. Such choices. PS put some apple cider vinegar in your bone broth to help draw out nutrients xx
Debby said…
The market looks amazing, well minus those leg things. The tractor looked real to me.
I love pork and cooks some for several hours this afternoon, shredded it and we had pork taco's...wonderful. Such beautiful roads you have to travel.
No snow? We are hearing that storms were headed your way. I love my Azalea's and now I'm covering them with old tableclothes at night. They will come back..but it's sad to see my plants limp and turning black.
Hope your holidays were wonderful. Mine were. My friends are still here and it's been wonderful. I wish they could stay forever..I really do. I will miss them..so much when they return to Arkansas.
I love Perch too! :) Any kind of seafood is wonderful!
Sandy said…
I love your blog but felt compelled to comment on your opinion of the Cleveland Indians. I have lived in Cleveland/or suburbs my whole life and that has been the name of our baseball team. You had commented last year also when you came to Cleveland about the mascot face, I think. I really don't think any of it is going to change...that is what Cleveland wants...politically correct or not. I, too, love the Westside Market! Happy New Year.