Baking Bread with Whey

 I have a bad habit, I frequent way too many Amish markets.  And I always come away with sausages and cheese.  There is something about these markets that I find irresistible.  I realized the other day that I needed to do something with my stash.  So, I made a meat and cheese tray for the kids at the community center.

I had just made some cheese and had a big jar of whey so I decided to bake them some bread as well.  You can use whey as a substitute for the liquid in any bread recipe.
 I made a honey whole wheat dough.

 It made very nice loaves.

I sliced them and wrapped them and put them on the cracker/pretzel platter I took to the kids.  I took along a couple jars of peanut butter figuring that there would be some kids that wouldn't touch the meat and cheese platter with a 10 foot pole. Everything ended up being eaten!  Those kids sure are hungry.


What a wonderful thing to do for the children. The tray looks yummy. Perfect for hungry kids.
Anonymous said…
oh my did they eat it all, wow,lol, they were hungry,
Have you ever considered Amish Anonymous? Seriously though, what a magnificent platter -- no wonder the kids enjoyed it all!
Robin Larkspur said…
darn those Amish temptations!
Kev Alviti said…
Looks like an amazing selection! I think I would have eaten the lot as well!
sandra said…
Those kids know good stuff when they see it! your such a sweetie! I would love to have that platter in front of me right nowww,lol!
Anonymous said…
That must have been a happy surprise to them :-) Everything looks delicious!

I almost always use whey when baking bread but I have to admit that I mostly buy it, I don't make cheese that often.

Have a great day!
A treat for a KING! What a nice thing to do! I mean REALLY nice! Not candy or cupcakes..(though that would be grand..but healthy treats!)
Guillaume said…
I am so darn hungry reading this.
Nellie said…
This was a wonderful treat to take to the children! It is no surprise that the trays were emptied!