Punxsutawney Phil

This is a rather boring time of the year.  There are not many festivals going on anywhere.  The Blog tech and I had never visited Punxsutawney before so we decided to take a day trip and see what it is all about.

We might be the only people who have ever visited there when it wasn't actually Groundhog Day.

Groundhog headquarters was closed.

Goofy groundhogs abound.

Main street.  The movie wasn't even shot here.

Other than goofy groundhogs, there is not a lot to see.

We spied this sign as we were driving down the street.  Gobbler's Knob is where the actual groundhog sighting takes place.

And why is it called Gobbler's Knob?  Apparently some groundhogs were injured during this event in the past.  Injured and eaten...gobbled if you will.  Ewwww!

If you look closely, you will see a photo of the actual crowd that turns out for this event.

This is the stage where it all takes place.

The groundhog theme permeates the town.

Even Mickey D's has one.

Also closed while we were there.

I might have to kill myself if I lived here.  At least I would have to kill some big goofy groundhogs though I would not eat them. Hope you enjoyed our little trip.  Now none of us ever has to go here again.


Those big goofy groundhogs you saw everywhere have a wee bit of charm to them. BUT I would never, ever consider a groundhog as an entree. Though I'm sure somebody, somewhere would say they taste just like chicken.
Anonymous said…
well its an interesting town, some nice old buildings, but a rather flimsy stardom to hang your star on the fame of a groundhog, I would imagine they have other famous attractions, maybe,
I have known people who have eaten groundhog and they say its not bad, much like beaver, I do not know this first hand, all I do know about a ground hog is they are very vicious, I had one cornered under our back steps and the noise it made was horrendous, even the dog was afraid,fierce little guys they are,
Nellie said…
Thank you for the tour. That groundhog was correct if he predicted six more weeks of winter this year! I hear there are two more huge winter storms headed in that direction!
Alice said…
Why would you disparage this nice little town? Just because they use a little rodent to add some notariably one day a year? Not very nice. I'm disappointed.
Yeah, never look behind the magic curtain, eh?
littlemancat said…
Have to agree with Alice - not every town is going to appeal to everyone, but no need to be unkind. Seems uncharacteristic of someone who is so giving and generous to others.
Susan said…
I thank you for the tour - I can now check this off my list. I wonder what the year-round inhabitants think of the once-a-year hysteria? And I don't think you disparaged the town. No matter how lovely and quaint, wall-to-wall cartoon rodent statues are not attractive to some of us.
Robin Larkspur said…
OMG (oh my groundhog)! There are way too many groundhogs around town and they all look pretty much the same. All for one day a year. I don't think going there will ever make its way to my bucket list!! Thanks for the fabulous tour.
Leeanna said…
OMG!!It's like living in Roswell New Mexico with all the UFO crap.I hate when nice little towns go over board with a theme that makes their town special.
Here in Seguin (Sah-geen) Texas it's all about the Home of the Giant Pecan. I swear that if I see one more fake giant pecan around this place I'll go insane.
Anonymous said…
So the movie wasn't even filmed there :-) :-) Well at least they have the most famous riodent in the world :-)

Thanks for showing how it really looks there, I doubt it would be a must see place if I ever started to travel again :-)

Have a great day!
DFW said…
Those differently 'dressed' ground hog statues all around town look like a charity project we had with manatees here in FL. Various artists, groups or corporations paint/decorate manatee statues & they get auctioned or raffled off for charity. You can see several of them around our fair city (at the football stadium, one of the TV stations entry way, one of the library branches, a bank, etc.). A similar approach was to decorate oversized rocking chairs in North Carolina one year & sell/raffle them off as well.
Jim said…
A real swingin town, I see! lol
Our ground hog's name is Shubenacadie Sam and he saw his shadow and ran back under ground! So that means 6 more weeks of winter for us! Yeah?
Guillaume said…
The groundhogs are kind of cool. February is a dreary and boring month, it gets difficult to keep entertained then.
Barb said…
A very funny post!
I'm with you. I didn't like the looks of the town at all. Sort of tacky with all those poor excuses for a little groundhog all over town. Now we know! By the way, I did like the movie "Groundhog Day" though. Cute movie.
CMG said…
Thank you for the tour. I agree, I will never have to go there for a visit.
Sandy said…
I had to LOL as I read this post! Hope you saw some other interesting things on this trip. Thanks for sharing. ;)