Snow Storm but Spring is on the Way

 We had a glorious snowstorm all day yesterday until dinner time when it turned to rain and it all went to slush.  I am still hoping for one more big snow before Spring arrives.

 I drove through the storm to a country market yesterday and when I arrived the place looked like Spring was already there.

 There were patio tables and decorative pots and gardening things everywhere.

 I bought these wonderful towels.

 You can find them here:

Wouldn't these make a great Easter present for someone?


Anonymous said…
Very nice looking towels!

No such markets here yet, I think the first and biggest one starts next month. We normally have real winter here now and it's usually too tiresome to drive any longer distances and the trains never works as theuy should as soon as the first flake of snow hits the rails :-)

Have a great day!
Love the towels. They indeed inspire one to THINK SPRING.
NanaDiana said…
Send some Spring this way, will you? None of our farmers' markets start until the end of May. You are lucky!!! xo Diana
Anonymous said…
they are beautiful, I love the one with the radishes!!! I would love to paint that,
sandra hagan said…
Your wonderful gatherings.
Guillaume said…
Oh I miss the snow so much!
Robin Larkspur said…
Spring seems an eternity away.
I do love those towels!!!
Barb said…
What great towels!! I will wish you one more snow storm!!!! We are still warm. Now there is concern we will get an Arctic freeze and all the blooming trees will be in big trouble. That could mean problems for our fruit industry here in WA.
I just bought six tea towels from World Market..but I'm thinking of adding a set of thes..they would be cute used a Springtime napkins ..Summer? I am seriously into tea towels as napkins. I love the larger size. Not a new idea and I love it. So sweet.
Is that the view from a balcony in your home? Enlarged it ..:) Lovely.
Leeanna said…
Be careful what you wish for. Just sayin.

Those towels are beautiful!
Kay said…
Those are definitely great looking towels. You have superlative taste.