A Maple Tour

 Saturday was another sugar shack day.  It was a warm gloomy day.

 This tour was not great but we found lots of cool places to stop and shop along the way.

 Our first stop was in a small town and the sugar shack was right on the main square.

 All of the trees on the square were tapped.

 Apparently local bees have taken up residence in this tree.  I respected the sign.  (click for a closer look)

 A closeup of a maple bucket.

 The town's sugar shack.

 Inside they had a fire burning and rockers where you could take a rest and inhale maple fumes.

 Examples of syrup containers used over the years.

 It seems everyone has a different number as to how much sap it takes to make a gallon of syrup.

 Examples of different taps.

A grand Victorian on the square.  More tomorrow!


That rustic sugar shack has real character. LOVE those rocking chairs. Looks like a fun day.
Anonymous said…
thats a lovely sugar shack, I could sit there for hours, its very much like a place we have here,,
That's how every Canadian wants to die, you know. Overcome by maple fumes.
Guillaume said…
You make me long for Québec so much. I miss maple syrup or to be more precise all the maple syrup products they don't have in England.
Mary Ann said…
What a lovely little town!
:( Nothing like that where we live.
Nope. Thank heavens for blogs like this that take people like me on trips that I would otherwise never make. In another life? :) The scenery, the houses.. Thanks, Joyce!
Craig said…
Beautiful old buildings. Very atmospheric.
Kay said…
This looks like such a neat place. We have maple trees in Chicago, but no one ever harvests them. I guess they have to be a certain kind of maple tree.