Another Sugar Shack

 So, off to search for another sugar shack.

 Geese honking overhead set the early Spring picture.

 As well as raging streams from melting snow.

 And fracking....goddamn fracking everywhere.  I don't even like to think about the future damage this  could cause.

 And then we spy the lines.

 Acres and acres of them.

 These industrious guys are working hard.....

 ....while we get to sample the goods.  These beans are made with maple syrup and vinegar.  They were so good that I am making them today to take to the kids at the community center after school.  I will post the recipe soon.

 This is the tubing they attach to the taps to carry the sap from the trees to the sugar shack.

 Oh....and you get another sundae if you want one.  The Blog Tech couldn't finish this one.  He was getting mapled out at this point.

 Implements on display.  Click to enlarge for a closer look.

 Same here.

You can see the boiled syrup running through the lines and into the barrels. Remember, it takes 86 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup.  A lot of sap and a lot of boiling!
On the way out we passed this barn with a wonderful barn star.  I attended a festival last year where a barn star artist was selling his work and I passed on buying one.  This year I am going back and if he is there, a barn star will be mine!  Maybe if I buy the star the barn will appear.


fromsophiesview said…
We have sugar shacks here as well but have never partook in such a delicious delicacy. Now maybe we will.
Maple syrup is always on our kitchen table.
Love it so much!

Cheers from Sophie's World!
That barn star looks like a big doily! Looking forward to your maple beans recipe!
Cottage Tails said…
Beans and maple syrup sound interesting I look forward to how you make it. I've seen in blog world barns with a quilt design on them have you come across these on your day trips?
Susan said…
Oh, those beans and maple syrup look divine! Our syruping season here is looking a bit shaky, but we're hopeful. I doubt, unfortunately, that every person/idiot that signed up for fracking has any idea of the future damage (unrepairable) that will be caused.
Guillaume said…
Interesting beans, I'd try some.

Oh, by the way, you asked me recently on my blog about a band. It is Le Vent du Nord:
Anonymous said…
It sounds strange with thgose beans but I have to admit I want to try it :-) Iwouldn't hesitate to try the sundae :-)

So that's how it looks where they are fracking, not a good thing I'm afraid. I've seen on the news how tap water suddenly can be put on fire in areas where they do that and god knows for how long those damages stays, if they ever go away again.

Have a great day!

Craig said…
I have to agree with earlier posters... I would never put beans and maple together but I do fancy a taste. I'd out on about 20 lbs on such a drive.
Mary Ann said…
Okay, now I am understanding why you are in a sugaring mood! I'm waiting for the bean recipe!
When you wish upon a star, magic sometimes happens. Gosh I didn't realize it takes 86 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup. I am never taking maple syrup for granted again.
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I always enjoy your sugar shack trips. I hate that they allow fracking at all in the world. It is a mess and bad news all around. By the way I am including a link to your blog post in my maple syrup post today.
Char said…
Your trips into the country are so fun to hear about. We have people harvesting the sap to make maple syrup here, but no sugar shacks like you've encountered. Mostly farm families and not on such a big scale. I agree with you about fracking. It is so ruining our beautiful state. Just makes me sick!
I would love a little barn..nothing huge..though it would be wonderful. I have great memories of the barns I played in as a child. Them smell of the hay..the rough wide wood plank floors..I think a little red barn would be charming.. :) be sure it has a loft!! Has to have a hay loft.
Kay said…
This is all so very interesting! Now I'm wanting to have those beans.