Assembling a Large Cheese and Meat Platter

This cheese and meat platter was the focal point of my daughter's birthday party so I wanted it to really stand out.  I have a lot of large platters which I normally use when making one of these for an event, however I wanted something larger for this party so I had to think outside of the box. the platter held sliced, imported Italian meats, assorted cheeses, truffled mustard, fall honeycomb, nuts, olives and grapes.  A pate de campagne which I also made was served on a smaller platter on the side.
 I went to a local recycling store and found this old window.

 Not only was it perfect for what I had in mind, it was only 5.00!

 I removed all of the hardware, plugged all of the holes with wood putty and sanded it down. I spray painted the frame and turned it over and sprayed the underside of the glass with mirror paint.  Then I trimmed it out with heavy rope and had the perfect serving tray for the event.  You can click on the first pic for a closer look.

 I made so many bread sticks that they almost made me cry.  I made a double recipe and they took 9 hours to make.

 I made hundreds of crackers.

 I also marinated and broiled 3 large flank steaks, cut them into thin slices and served them rolled up on toothpicks.

 Always a favorite, I made brown sugar, bacon wrapped smokies. Lots of them.

 These are one of my daughter's favorites, Asian chicken salad sandwiches on pullman bread with toasted sesame seed edges.

I ordered 50 of her favorite petite fours instead of having a big cake.  When I was little these were my favorites too and the same bakery still makes them.
The bread sticks were served with thinly sliced proscuitto.


Anonymous said…
gosh this was so beautiful, rustic in a way but still classy! The chicken sandwiches are such a delicious idea!!
I think its lovely that the same Petie Fours are available and that your daughter likes them as you did, what a great idea with the window, did you leave glass in it or put something else in it?
You are SO creative! Thinking outside the box seems to come naturally to you.
Mystica said…
Creative and so very hard working
The window was a wonderful idea. Creative as can be. A beautiful presentation. Food looks yummy too. I am so hungry after seeing this. I am glad your daughters birthday was perfect.
a labor of love, but a fantastic accomplishment...

not only do you cook, you think up perfect serving trays.

not many can do both!
Leeanna said…
Wow! You really do a party up great! You are even more creative than Martha.
Guillaume said…
Somehow it reminds me of a horn of plenty.
Anonymous said…
I must admit that I wouldn't have dared touse an old window but it looks just great!

It's amazing for me to see all this You've done for Your daughter since I grew up with a mother that never have understood cooking :-) :-) :-) Even pasta sauce could be a huge challange for her :-)

I must admit though that now when she's closing in towards being 80 she has become a better cook, she has had some years tp practice after all :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
What amazing food! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.
linda said…
A true labor of love.. You amaze me with all of your talent and hard work each time I come to your blog.. How do you get the energy to do it all?
Craig said…
So much work went into that - it's very beautiful and looks tasty too. Well done!
sandra hagan said…
i love your style.
chickpea678 said…
A-mazing j! You outdid yourself and that's hard to do! Hope the birthday celebration was a smash!
Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure every last bite was eaten. Happy Birthday (albeit belated) to your daughter