Bad Kitties Caught in the Act

 For Xmas, I bought my husband some outdoor cameras to record activity in our gardens at night.  You can see a critter on the lower left in the above photo.  Do I have a pig in my garden?  That would be a story in itself since I live in the city.

 Is this a cat or a raccoon taking a drink from my pond?

 This is a bad kitty for sure.

 Teddy goes a bit crazy whenever we go down to the lower gardens and now I know why.

Caught in the act.  I must admit, I was hoping to see nothing walking around my gardens when I am not there.
 I sure hope this is my husband. If not, I am moving.  If it is, what the hell was he doing?  If you don't hear from me for a while, call the cops.

 Intruder alert!!!  A vicious chow chow on the loose.

 A daytime bad kitty.

 And it is staring at my fish of which I can only find two.  There were seven.

Now I just have to time Teddy's visits with those of the bad kitties.  Problem solved.


Yes, indeed, that Bad Kitty looks well fed on koi.
Susan said…
That is so cool! I would love to put some around my place - although I would probably never again go outside without being armed. We have a plethora of predators!
those cameras are so cool!!!!

mmmm, yes, seems bad kitty is catching fish. -sigh-

and that does look like a knife, in husband's hand, doesn't it??? -grin- but I'm sure he is just pruning some of the branches.


I hope!!!!!!!!!

Leeanna said…
Cool camera. Money well spent, for sure.
Anonymous said…
lol, oh gosh, that does look menacing, the man with knife!!!
the cameras are so cool!
that cat is risking its life in your yard!
Guillaume said…
Are you sure it is not the name cat? Anyway, naughty kitty, but lovely kitty nevertheless. I love cats.
Cottage Tails said…
The cat cat/s are being brave entering with Teddy around. We have no stray cats with a Mastiff on patrol.
Anonymous said…
I've been thinking of getting one of thgose cameras too! I know a badger and a fox often walked through here at nights but I'm not sure if any do now.

It does look like a little pig in that first photo :-) :-) :-)

I do hope it is Your husband especially since it looks like he has something sharp in his hand :-)

Have a great day!
Barb said…
Wow! I think Teddy needs to be on constant patrol of the garden!!!
Debby said…
I hope they are your cats. The man with the knife looks scary. Sure hope he was your husband. Maybe the fish are still in hibernation.
What bad kitties, indeed, looking for a drink of water from your pond, day and night. That guy with the knife better be more friendly than he looks in broad daylight. I'd like my house outfitted with cameras like that. makes me wonder what's lurking out there when I'm not looking. TEDDY be on the lookout.
:) Not sure how he got in your yard as unless he is one of those pigs that fly!..but that certainly looks like a pig to me. Snout and all. Did he did under the fence..or does he live back in the wooded area? Your yard is huge..but I am wondering if your neighbors who's property borders yours possibly has a pig that has dug under the fence.
Anything is possible and people do that pigs for pets. Look for tracks..pigs have a definite track you could recognize. *sigh* we have "bad kitties" too..but they are all bigger than Mele..and she was smacked upside the head by one I do NOT encourage her to chase after them.
That WAS your husband or the blog tech..right? :) Looked like he was definitely on a mission!!
Karin Vail said…
I personally am not a cat person, and it kinda aggrivates me that people let their cats roam loose. We have a neighbors cat that roams loose around our place and he gets into the garbage if the lid isn't on tight, grrrr. We have a St.Bernard, and she definitely won't keep it away (she greets EVERYTHING that moves with exuberance!)
Craig said…
Seeing a man with a knife on CCTV would usually be the setting for a bad TV movie! Now you know what's happening to your fish.
Mary Ann said…
Oh, gosh, I love cats even though we don't have any right now... I would be glad to see them!
Kay said…
Oh no! The cat was coming for a midnight snack? Good grief! Teddy should be a watch dog.