Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter

My daughter's friends planned a surprise party for her 30th birthday.

They asked me to make the food.

These girls really outdid themselves.  They thought of everything.

They had a special drink menu.

And a red, black and white theme.

They even had a candy buffet.

I made LOTS of bread sticks to be served with thinly sliced proscuitto. I also made a huge meat and cheese platter.

And Asian chicken salad tea sandwiches coated in toasted sesame seeds.  I made all of my daughter's favorites!

Translation: Grab a Bag, Choose What You Like, Leave Some for Others, Please be Polite.  As You Enjoy Your Bag of Treats, We Would Like to Thank You for Making Braedon's Birthday Extra Sweet!

I will show more pics tomorrow, I have a lot to sort through.


Alicia Foodycat said…
What a lovely idea! I bet your daughter was delighted. The idea of putting sesame seeds around the tea sandwiches is very clever!
Susan said…
How wonderful! Was it a surprise? I am sure the food was amazing... :)
Debby said…
How beautiful. Mazing food. Is this your home. Wonderful setting. You amazeme.
Anonymous said…
beautiful party!!! she has a lovely name as well,
Cottage Tails said…
Oh my this looks wonderful. I bet everyone enjoyed themselves. Hope your daughter had a lovely party and was surprised.
Sandy said…

How very nice of your daughter's friends to have a party for her. I bet your daughter was surprised. The food looks delicious, you did good Mom.

Happy Birthday To You Daughter!!!!

Anonymous said…
How fun!
It all look delicious! You must have worked like crazy to get everything done in time!

Have a great day!
Wow, what a spread! Happy 30th birthday to your daughter. Still so young and so much life to live!
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday to your daughter! It looks like such a feast.
Nellie said…
What fun! I am sure she feels very special. The food is amazing!
Happy Birthday to Braedon!

What a marvelous spread, you made. Wow!

And how much fun, to see both son and handsome husband, taking pictures.

What a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
1st Man said…
Ah, the big 3-0, I remember that well...2-0 years ago, LOL!

What an awesome party and neat that you provided some of the awesome food.

Joyce, you are such a great Mom..and I see the guys in the picture. :) Everything looked just beautiful and delicious. 30 years old..my GRAND daughters are that age. :) Any more pictures??
Well..doubt she will read this but tell I said so..okay. She will know who I am right away! BWAAHAHAHAHA!!
I hope her party was wonderful.
Kay said…
Your daughter is very well loved. I would ask you to prepare the food for any of our parties too. It all sounded scrumptious! You are amazing and your daughter must be too.
Barb said…
How wonderful! I hope the birthday was great!
Craig said…
What a lovely staging for a party. I hope that it all went well.
sandra hagan said…
a grand expression of love.