How to Clean Those Greasy Stove Hood Filters

 I have Spring cleaning fever really bad this year.  I've been cleaning everything I can get my hands on.  My greasy hood vents drive me crazy.  I wash them under hot water and put them in the dishwasher but they just never get as clean as I would like.  Recently, I saw this tip and my problem is now solved.

 All you do is bring a deep pot of water to a boil.  Place the filter in the boiling water.  Slowly, add 1/2 cup of baking soda.  Do this slowly as the water will bubble ferociously.

 The water almost instantly starts to look like gross sludge.

 Turn your filter over to get both sides. Once they looked clean, I ran them through the dishwasher for good measure.

Perfectly clean.  I love it when I find good tips like this! Just throw the gross water down your sink and run hot water to wash it down.


Guillaume said…
Always useful to know how to clean stuff.
Anonymous said…
I'll buy baking soda first thing on Monday! They are just impossible to get really clean normally, well one can use caustic soda but that's just plain dangerous and it smells awful :-)

Have a great day and thanks for the tip!

The miracle of simple baking soda!
Leeanna said…
I have a humongous box of baking soda in my pantry at all times. There are so many things to clean with it.
Linda said…
Thanks for the great cleaning idea, but I think I'll pour the greasy soda water outside in a safe place. Don't want any cooking grease stopping up my sink or drainage pipes. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
a perfect solution, to a "crappy" problem! thank you!
Anonymous said…
thanks for the reminder,
lol, mine are probably due
wonderful tip, easy, and safe!
Barb said…
Thank you so much for that idea. I like it because you aren't using horrid chemicals!
Kay said…
Thank you, thank you! This is so very helpful. I usually just throw it in the dishwasher, but it often isn't enough. I will try your method.
Craig said…
Very good tip. But I may need to buy a bigger pot!
That will be done tomorrow. Thanks Joyce, for passing that on. Howard recently replaced ours but now I know how to clean it.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Amazing! I might try it in my deepest roasting tin - I don't have a pot they could fit in!