Spring Inspection

 Teddy says that it is time to check out the lower gardens to see what is poking out of the ground.

 She stops and shakes her tail to tell me to hurry up.

 She stops to observe what is happening in her domain.  Are there any bad kitties lurking about?

 It's so easy to see everything this time of year.

 Crocuses are blooming under the rocks.

 Tulips are poking through the frozen ground.

 Rhubarb hidden amongst the brown leaves.

 As well as chives.

 Teddy checks on her fish.

 And takes a drink.

Nothing like the taste of fish juice.          
It's so empty that you can see the guest house. This shall all be green and filled in soon.


Guillaume said…
Oh such lovely pictures! It is a cute inspection, Teddy looks very protective of her domain. I have to say, I love the naughty kitties.
Jeri Landers said…
Love, love love that lower garden! It's like a secret garden with all the stone work and the steps, just fabulous. Can't wait to see it all abloom! So, Teddy is a gardener dweller too? My dogs as well.
Love the little spots of purple and green!
Anonymous said…
Yes it's always best to check the domains so no bad kitties hang around :-)
Nice to see that spring shows signs of coming to You too, the wind died out here so the day got brather nice after all :-)

Have a great day!
Leeanna said…
I miss the sight of crocus, daffodils, and tulips in the spring. Here we have wildflowers everywhere in Texas. Indian paintbrush, Indian blanket, wine cups, bluebonnets, etc. Spring is so pretty in Texas.
Cottage Tails said…
you have such a contrast in seasons. I'm choosing what spring bulbs to plant while you are waiting for yours to flower. Hope Teddy didn't find any cats.
love seeing your back *yard*... In all seasons.

it is amazing, what you did, with this sloping lot.
Barb said…
Teddy is an excellent inspector!
Mary Ann said…
I long to have a pond like Teddy!
Gatekeeper said…
Reminds me its that time for spring clean.
TEDDY you look mighty happy that you did not see any BAD kitties. Bet that fish juice is yummy. I love the pretty purple crocus blooming under the rocks.
Claudia Turgut said…
Meanderings of Teddy! Looks like a lovely garden, Joyce! and for a minute I thought you said olives but then I realised it was chives!!
Kay said…
Teddy is so adorable. I'm glad spring is beginning. Yae!
Ohhh nooo...you can see the neighbors houses. Not good! We are closed in by tree's on both sides. The ones in back are SO slow and I am impatient for them to grow. I would pull up two that are so slow growing but ..I'm afraid I wouldn't live to see new ones full grown. LOL I'm serious. We planted those blasted three's five years or more ago..and they are still puny. Each year I think..mayb they will take off and they never do!
Things on the East Coast really do get bleak in the Winter. I guess it's the huge cyprus tree's and the pine tree's and redwoods that keep things green around us.
Baking for Easter yet? You HAVE to be worn out from the party cooking!