Sugaring Off Season

Sorry for the late post today.  We left at the crack of dawn, actually before the crack of dawn, to go to the first Sugaring Off tour of the season. We hit a dozen of them. Since some of them are miles and miles apart, it made for a very long day.  It's going to take me  awhile to sort through all of the photos but I will post them soon.  Meanwhile, I have a new blog I started following that I thought you might want to check out.  He's posted a really wonderful video which you are going to be very glad to see.  Check his post 'Beautiful' out at:


Alicia Foodycat said…
The bits in Little House in the Big Woods and Farmer Boy about making maple syrup are pretty much my favourite things ever. So the fact that you get to go on Sugaring Off tours? AMAZING.
Guillaume said…
A sugar cabin! A classic setting where I come from.
Barb said…
I will check it out. When we lived in NY we did some sugaring. A gallon of sap made about a quarter cup of syrup. My kids were young at the time and it was a good lesson for them.
Anonymous said…
I was wondering where you were, I knew you were up to something, I can't wait to see the photos,
I'll go check out the new blog
Glad you enjoyed your first Sugaring Off tour of the season. Loved your friend's commercial. it was beautiful indeed. inspirational.
I just got my new hearing aids and I had no idea how much I was missing.
One ear is gone...but I was overjoyed to hear the birds so clearly and the water running in the fountains..and especially when I sat down to play the piano. I just sat and cried..just like I did tonight when watching the commercial.
I think I played at least two or more hours straight..what a gift being able to hear is. It's a different world when you cannot hear.
:) I am looking forward to the pictures. You always have such a great time.
Kay said…
This sounds like so much fun! I've never experienced anything like it.
Craig said…
Joyce - thank you so much for posting the link. Looking forward to your sugaring photos too.
Anonymous said…
I can imagine how tired You must have been! Looking forward to see where You were!

That was an odd video but I liked it.

Have a great day!
Mary Ann said…
Okay, don't laugh.... I can't think of anything more boring than watching sap drop into a bucket! :-)

I think when you posted your last post (this) you had not seen the post on the other blog yet... it is wonderful, and I'm now following him. Thanks for the tip!