The Last Maple Stop

 Our last sugar shack stop was at this Amish farm. 

 Quite a fancy operation.

 Another ratio guesstimate.  At this point we have seen anywhere from 30 gallons to 80 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.  I know that the ratio depends on the sweetness of the sap but this is a huge variation.  I guess we should underline all of this by takes a lot of freaking sap to make what you eat on your pancakes.

 This guy uses bricks of sawdust to fuel his burner.  This is a first for us.  Everyone else uses wood.  He told us he is the only syrup maker that he knows that uses these in his area.

 The Amish dude at work.

 We were definitely in Amish country.

 This guy parked his horse to get his tank filled up.  Click for a closer look.


 Buggies everywhere.

 We were in farm country, to state the obvious.

 Amish wash on the line.

This is what happens when your horse breaks down.
   Me thinks this is a cow massage parlor.

And on the way home again.  I am not sure but this might be the end of sugaring season for us this year.  It started late because of how cold the weather has been.  I can't go this weekend because I have a big party to cook for.  The following weekend is Easter and I think sugaring is over by then or at least not open for the holiday.  I hope I bought enough syrup.


Trust the Amish to have the most modern facilities -- WTF?
Guillaume said…
Amish produce maple syrup?
Leeanna said…
I felt like I was on a class field trip. The pictures are wonderful. This was so cool. Thanks
Anonymous said…
what great photos!!
The Amish know how to do things up right lol,
Our season is yet to begin, just starting,
when we made syrup it was a 40 liters sap to make one liter syrup,
lots of work but satisfying,
Craig said…
I averted my eyes in case their was any Amish underwear on show on that line! It all looks very serene and peaceful.
Anonymous said…
Those bricks of saw dust look much like the fire logs I buy here but his are twice as big. I'm not sure those would fit in my stove :-)

That place looks almost too modern though after seeing those other places You've been at. I like it but I like the other ones better :-)

I live in the county with most horses in this country, still I rarely see and carriages here, too bad I like them a lot!

Have a great day!
I LOVE Amish country. How fascinating that the Sugar shack you went to uses bricks of sawdust to fuel the burner. Enjoyed your pics.
Barb said…
It has been fun seeing all the sugaring!
I love the country roads. I saw some litter and it sort of surprised me. At least that is what it appeared to be. I think the sawdust bricks are great. Nothing goes to waste. We have logs made of that..but our fireplace is wood for us. the is the end of your Sugar Shack adventuring?
I thought you did a great job of capturing your adventure. :)
I watched a documentary on the Amish..and it wasn't quite what I thought it was. Interesting way of life. I did find out that some use cars and pickups.. but it makes sense that young ones would find a way.
Mary Ann said…
I have enjoyed your sugaring journeys!
Kay said…
One of these days, I'd really like to see one of these maple farms too.