What I Saw and What I Bought

I am one of those people that just loves driving n the country.  I am never bored checking out each farm and enjoying the solitude.  Living in the city does this to you.
 I spied this old log cabin.

 And nothing like the raging creeks when the snow melts in the mountains.

 All that water has to go somewhere and it ends up in the river in front of my house and usually floods part of my city.

 Some people still use buckets.

But most of the shacks now use the tubing which leads to holding tanks which feeds the boiler.
 Almost all of the sugar shacks sell some kind of maple candy coated nuts and they are all good!

 Maple syrup taffy.

 Maple syrup is sold in all sorts of decorative bottles.  The maple leaf is always my favorite.

 Maple syrup (cakes) candy.

 Maple candy bunnies for Easter.

 Maple cream, which is one of the most decadent things you could ever eat.  You spread it on a piece of freshly baked bread and you are in maple heaven.

 I always try to buy the darkest syrup I can find.  The lightest is the most popular but the darkest has the best flavor.  And if this is not enough maple for everyone, we are off to another festival on Saturday!


Ooooo, get your maple on, girl!
Anonymous said…
you are certainly on a Maple high!!!!
I have never saw maple bunnies, beautiful area, wow, such landscape,
Robin Larkspur said…
My grandmother in Quebec used to send us tiny maple sugar candies in all kinds of animal shapes. So tasty! Enjoy your touring.
Guillaume said…
Ohhhhh... taffy! And cream, is it the same as maple syrup butter? I wish I had some to put on my toasts every morning.

Some of the pictures look strangely autumnal.
Susan said…
I agree on the dark syrup. I am not a fan of the light version as it is too...wimpy. I have never mustered the nerve to try maple cream - I'm afraid I will be hooked.
Anonymous said…
So many different maple candies :-) The taffy sounds like it is delicious but everything must be so yummy :-)

Looking forward to more photos of Your trips!

Have a great day!
Claudia Turgut said…
I know nothing whatsoever about maple anything! How ignorant can a person get, right? You obviously love it all and that's the main thing! Wonderful!
Nellie said…
There is nothing better than pure maple syrup from the places you have visited! I've only had opportunity to visit a maple festival site, and it was amazing!
A drive in the country is always nice, I agree with you. All those treats you found look scrumptious. I love the maple leaf design too. beautiful, indeed.
Barb said…
Have fun! I enjoyed seeing all those maple products!!
1st Man said…
Totally jealous! Love maple and down here all we can ever find is pretty much just maple syrup. Love the looks of all those other things, yum!
Craig said…
I think that I've gained several pounds just from reading about those maple products - they look wonderful. I too enjoy driving in the country and won't take my car if I visit our closest city, taking public transport instead (trains).
Deb said…
I agree--the darker the better where maple syrup is concerned. In Vermont we always bought the dark syrup. The lighter, "Fancy", was for tourists! :)
Ashling said…
Great photos! And I agree, the darkest syrup is my favorite, too. We always buy Grade B, but I guess the letter grades are going away and maple syrup will be described by color....

Love the old-fashioned buckets, too!
haven't been here, in a long time.

just read Mona's post, about all the delightful gifts, you sent to her!!! and I left Mona, the following comment.

Joyce is a gem. so talented. so giving. so sharing, with everything she can do.

and I love the special tissue paper, in which she wraps her gifts.

I can't make all her recipes, but she herself, is a gem.

especially that she makes no bones about being a Witch. without the "double, double, toil and trouble" though! my kind of Witch.

Kay said…
Thank you so much for all this great information. It all sounds so delicious! I'll have to remember this next time I ever get to maple country.