A Day Trip

 We headed out yesterday early in the morning with a specific destination in mind.

 We followed the river for a while and thus saw many old mills along the way.

 This one is still functioning.

 These wonderful old homes show that at one time, these towns were very prosperous.

 One of my favorite homes, one of the worst possible locations.

 I love the Mail Pouch Tobacco barns.

This place needs a bit of work though they do have a satellite dish attached to the front of the house.  Priorities!
What a great front porch.

 Soon we were in Amish country.

 Quilts for sale.  Click to enlarge any pic.

 Baskets and brooms.

 Can you tell we were in dairy country?

 A new one. It is very cool that Mail Pouch still advertises on these barns.

I never get tired of driving through the countryside.  The whole way we talked about our imaginary farm and what we we grow and which animals we would raise.  Maybe one of these days! Tomorrow I will show you were we ended up.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos!
I especially like the ones showingthe old mills!

Nice looking quilts they had but I guess You kept driving to Your destination.

Looking forward to see where You ended up :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Great pictures! you make me want to go on a day trip to one of these nearby English villages.
Guillaume said…
Oh and I love your favourite home, it would only needs a few trees around it to make it perfect. The decrepit house with the satellite dish reminds me of the Myers house in Halloween.
I really want to go there - thank you for these lovely photos!
Anonymous said…
the quilts on the line remind me of home, lol, I would love to buy a few baskets and brooms!!!
Craig said…
Thee old barns are wonderful, especially with slightly faded advertising. Those Amish quilts are beautiful.
"talked about the imaginary farm..."

Love it!

dreaming, is a super way to spend some time. and dreaming together, is even better.

Velva said…
A beautiful way to spend the day discovering and exploring.

Leeanna said…
I love your day trip pictures. You seem to drive through such interesting areas of the country.
I bet those Amish quilts cost an arm and a leg!
Barb said…
I loved seeing these pictures. There is nothing quite like the Amish country!
A ride in the country is always fun. LOVE each and every one of those big old homes. Even the dilapidated ONE.
I love quilts and those look to be in every shape and size. Made a king size,to the floor quilt once, and I'm still, after, 30 years, traumatized over it. I thought it would NEVER get finished. It was a log cabin. I have great respect for those that make quilts. :) Taught me a good lesson. Lots of work.
So...where did you end up?
That poor old falling apart home.
I hate to see homes with neglect and blight. Sad.
Mary Ann said…
You live in the most beautiful country!