Barn Sale

 At least that is what they called it.  I've always wanted to go to a barn sale so when I saw it advertised, we took off to check it out. It was a wonderful Easter weekend and a good time for a drive in the country.

 Though these drives always take us through towns which have fallen on hard times.

 We saw some curious cows.

 And lots of people unloading hay.

We finally arrived at the barn.  Not quite a barn and not the type of sale we expected.                           
All I bough was this sponge holder which is very practical.
 And interestingly enough, as we were in the middle of what I thought was no mans land, we passed this farm.

 It sits down this long private drive so I couldn't get very good pics of it.

 I looked at this place about 5 years ago when it was on the market.  It has a fabulous old farmhouse and barn but they wanted a LOT of money for it and it is in the middle of nowhere.   Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


I can see the sponge holder being useful.
The farm house... It looks like it has a Widow's Walk type of a high part. Cool!

Anonymous said…
the biscuit cutter and sponge holder are really lovely creations, very unique! The farm house looks perfect for you!
Susan said…
I love that biscuit cutter! I had to laugh, though, as we - who have tons of barns - have barn sales in garages. I guess we're not supposed to notice...
Anonymous said…
I've never even heard of something called a barn sale :-) I guess we don't have anything similar here.

That farm does look very beautiful, I don't mind living in the middle of nowhere :-) so I would probably have bought it if I had the money :-)

Have a great day!
Julie said…
My hubby would like the biscuit cutter. He make biscuits for the holidays. All and all, it looked like a fun trip.
Leeanna said…
I've been to only one barn sale in the Hill Country area. It was a beautiful drive in the spring with all the bluebonnets in bloom in the fields.
I always wanted to live on a farm with a humongous farm house. That one looks wonderful.
Cottage Tails said…
I think you need a country house with a barn to live in at the weekends.
The biscuit cutter and sponge holder look like great finds. ENJOY. I must say that old farmhouse at the end of that long, long road looked intriguing. I like the middle of nowhere.
I love your adventures. It's little things that are so much least to me.
I no longer want to live out in the middle of "nowhere" like I used to.
NOT safe any more.
IN COLD BLOOD cured me of that wish a long, long time ago!
3 in the morning here..gotta get sme sleep. I know you have begun your day!.
Jim said…
Hey Joyce, thanks for the 'drive' and views. It was fun.
Oh, where's the snow? lol
Guillaume said…
The star on the top of the barn reminds me of the (bad) horror movie Warlock. The villain was hiding in a Mennonite barn or something like that. In any case, I think the barn you pictured would make for a great horror story setting.