Cooking for the Kids

When I was sick, I still sent food to the kids but I couldn't cook for them.  When I felt better, the first thing I did was whip up some home cooking for them. 
Everyone seems to really like the rolls which are served at all of the steakhouse restaurants, so I made lots of them for the kids.

Here are the ingredients:

Original recipe makes 12 rolls 

 I made 16 quarts of the maple baked beans with 6 packages of hot dogs. Maple Baked Beans:  There was not a bean left.

I also made a tub of honey butter for the rolls.

Another successful after school snack for the kids.  I am off to buy something I saw last week on my road trip.  Hopefully I will have pics tomorrow.


Who doesn't love a good hotdog. Those rolls look scrumptious. I'm glad you are feeling back to normal. Bet the kids are too.
Anonymous said…
I so understand that they love that food :-) It must be the highlight of the day for them :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
you are so good to those kids, they will never forget this experience,,,
I bet those kids DREAM of your maple baked beans!
Cottage Tails said…
Glad you are feeling better!
Craig said…
I like the sound of the ingredients in those rolls. I might attempt to revise the recipe for a loaf in my bread maker. Thanks!
Barb said…
You are making good memories for those children!
Guillaume said…
Why do you always make me so darn hungry? Beans with sausages? AND maple syrup? I never thought of that, but that makes me stomach rumble like crazy.
You make them such healthy food. It's just such a neat thing you do for them. Must check to see if the grounds are greening up ..sooo..what did you see while adventuring about that you must return and buy. Problem is, when we adventure..I can never remember where I saw it. Dang, but you are organized!! :)