I'm Alive

 I've come out on the other side and I feel great!  I am really busy though, cooking for the kids, grocery shopping and starting to work outside.  Nothing like a couple days of sleep to restart the battery.

 I am just posting a few looks I am going for this summer.

I haven't touched my camera in days.  Back on my blog game by tomorrow.


Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. Glad to hear from you.
Craig said…
Happy to hear of your complete recovery. I do love a bed full of impatiens (if that's what they are in the last photo). Makes you hungry for mid summer.
Mary said…
Glad you are back to feeling better, sometimes we need a couple of days to recharge. I Love coleus for color in the shade, just beautiful. Sometimes difficult to find some that cascade though.
Susan said…
I love the center photo! I am going to tend towards petunias this summer - so many colors and the hummers love them! Glad you're feeling better!
Leeanna said…
I'm so glad you're back to normal. My flu lasted what seemed like forever. But then again my immune system was quite depleted at the time.

I love the bottom picture. They look like petunias. In fact all the pictures are beautiful. I have a great feeling you will be trying for all of them.
Mary Ann said…
I have a bunch of new pots and planters, given to me by a friend... I'm going for some of the same looks! Glad you are feeling better!
You are amazing!!!!! A couple of days of total rest, and you kicked that "bug" to the curb!!!

Glad for you! 'Cause you must be miserable, when you can't do, do, do, do, do. ,-)

I do like those colorful gardens :-) I'm hoping I'll get it something like that too :-)

Have a great day!
laurie said…
I'm glad you are feeling better, I like the look of whats t come,, lovely colors.
Good to hear that you're back to your self again!
My Grama's Soul said…
Just beautiful....glad you are back on your game!

Debby said…
Beautiful pictures. I am glad you are feeling better. Rest is a good thing.
Barb said…
So glad to hear you are better! I love the look you are planning for!
I look forward every year to your gardening adventures. I can tell there is going to be lots of color this year! Can't wait. Whaaat? You were sick?
Sleep is a great healer. Glad you are back in the saddle again. Love the LOOKS you've selected for this year. It will be fun creating them, I'm sure.