One of the kids at the center has been requesting lasagna for quite some time.  I finally got around to making it yesterday.  I threw together an extra one for a family in the community too.  As it turns out, the girl that made the request was sick yesterday so she got an 'at home' delivery!
 Some people are vegetarians, the others meat eaters so I had to accommodate both.  I made one large batch of bolognese sauce and one large batch of vegetarian marinara. I sprayed the containers with cooking spray to keep the noodles from sticking then I began the layering.  First down is a layer of noodles.
 It appears that I have once again posted these pics out of order.  This pic shows how I separate the noodles after boiling to keep them from sticking together.

 Before I start the assembling, I mix the ricotta with eggs, oregano, granulated garlic and S & P.

I also add grated parmesan cheese to it too.
Back to the layering.  After I put down one layer of noodles, I add a layer of cheese. As this bakes, the cheese melts which forms a good base with the noodles.
 Next I add a layer of ricotta.

More noodles, cheese and I always add a layer of very thinly sliced ham or proscuitto.  The meat lasagna is on the right so it got the Black forest ham. You would be surprised at the added flavor this layer brings to the lasagna.

More sauce and cheese and then a layer of fresh basil.

 More ricotta.

 Spread it thin.

 More sauce and cheese.

 I had enough extra to make us one too and a small one for my daughter.

 I also made loaves and loaves of garlic bread and I forgot to take the finished photo.

 As you can see, my lasagna pans are very deep.  Therefore, I bake mine at 300 degrees for a couple hours.  A thinner pan would take less time. I served them with extra sauce ladled over them.  The kids polished off one entire pan. I haven't heard from the family that received the other pan.  They are probably in a lasagna coma.


Anonymous said…
that looks amazing, we make lasagna often here but I have never added the slices of ham, in fact I just made it the day before yesterday! I wish I had known to a dd the ham,, I know Garry would love that for sure,,,those pans you have are wonderful!!I like the depth, I have to use an old enamel roast pan for ours,,it isn't petty but does the job!
Man, I'm salivating right now! And hey, so glad we have the whole "dental assistant" experience in common! Those were the days, eh?
Anonymous said…
They look soo delicious! Lasagna is probably the best pasta meal there is! I've never had ham like that inmine but that is a must try now!
Lasagna is almost the only thing they actually can make reasonable well in the restaurant we ordewr food from at work, too bad they almost never have it :-)

Have a great day!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Oh my,.. now that is some serious lasagna...I have never tried it with ham...but am going to do so now...Thank you for sharing...Have a great weekend...
sandra said…
Guillaume said…
I haven't had a good lasagna in like... ages.
Cottage Tails said…
YUM now that looks like a delish lasagna, I too will have to try it with ham. I bet the little girl's family would be thrilled with the meal, so glad she didn't miss out on her request.
1st Man said…
OH MY GOSH, I am SO hungry now. I could tear both of those up!!! Ha.
Hi Joyce! :) Another recipe for my book. I never heard of adding ham before but it sounds wonderful!
Craig said…
The lasagna looks wonderful. We make it almost exactly the same way (meat version) but have never added a layer of ham. I think we'll try that based upon your comments.
Did I mention lasagna is one of my favorites. I could dive right into one of those pans. The cheese, the noodles, the sauce. YUM! YUM!
Mary Ann said…
Oh, gosh, did not know the ham secret! I'll try it... we don't have lasagna very often, though, with just two of us.
I well understand the "vegetarian sauce", tee hee.