'Simple Products for a Simpler Life'. 

 This was our destination.

 What a perfect place for me.  You literally could spend hours here.  I shop fast so I was not there for long but my gosh, what a fascinating place.

 If you can't find it here, I don't know where you can find it.

 This place carries things I haven't seen since I was a child.

 Anything you would want or could imagine for canning is here.

 Fels-Naptha soap!  My brother used to get poison ivy worse than anyone I have ever known and he swore by scrubbing it with Fels-Naptha. That was 50+ years ago.

 Amish baskets.

 Everything for the home.

 I fell in love with these copper pots but oh boy...the prices.  I guess you only ever have to buy one though.

 Water bowls for dogs.

 And stoves.

 Coal stoves.

 Wood stoves.

 Cook Stoves.

 Notice the refrigerators and freezers in this room?  They run on gas so the Amish can use them.

 And in case you need to oil your hog....a hog oiler.  These were used to keep hogs skin subtle and keep bugs away.  I might need one for myself.

It is quite the place and so much fun to visit.

One man's tractor and one man's car.  Tomorrow I will show you what I bought.


Good thing I don't get to go there anytime soon - I would have to pay a fortune in excess weight on the flight home....
Damn, I've been LOOKING for a hog oiler! LOL, love those wee toilets for the dogs to drink out of too.
Where is Lehmans located? I think I need to oil my hogs!! And the toilet dog bowls would most definitely appeal to my boys....for some reason, that is their favorite water hole!!!
Guillaume said…
My kind of store for a gloomy Sunday.
We get the catalogue. But wow, to be able to visit that place, in person! Wow!!!!!!!!


Susan said…
Oh, lucky you! A trip to Lehman's is on my bucket list!
Mary Ann said…
I used to get the Lehman's catalog in the mail... I actually bought from them several times at the old Calamity Acres. What a fun place to visit!
Leeanna said…
I would go crazy in that place. So many old fashioned things.
Suzie said…
I get their catalog all of the time, and have always wondered what their actual store looks like. Thanks so much for sharing! I love going along on your adventures!
Craig said…
What a fascinating emporium! It's like a lost world.
1st Man said…
Lehman's!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart! I would take a vacation just to go to that store (shop their catalog all the time). Thanks for the virtual tour!!
Nellie said…
What a fascinating place to shop!
sandra said…
Barb said…
What a fascinating place to shop!
Sandy said…

I haven't been to the store in person but have ordered from the catalog.
Kev Alviti said…
I've heard of this store. I'd love to visit but I'm sure I'd spend too much and not have the space to put it! I bet the quality of some of the stuff is second to none!
Went through every picture ENLARGED of course! Loved the stoves. I had to call Howard in to see all the stuff. Kind of sends you back in time. He said he would rather have the new stuff. I then reminded him that we didn't have a garbage disposal OR a dishwasher. AND that I still had my little scrub board over the wash tub in the garage. NO laundry room either!!! *sheesh!*
Lehman's looks like a fascinating placve for sure. LOVE all those stoves.
Anonymous said…
What a place!!! I would love to walk around there :-) I especially saw a few cook stove I wanted :-)

I've had one of those gas driven refridgerators and they work great! and doesn't use that much gas either to be honest. If I ever will travel anywhere again I think that store is a must see :-)

Have a great day!
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! What a fun place! I'd love to go there.