Signs of Summer

Though I know it is Spring, there are certain elements in my gardens which I associate with Summer.  My cistern is one of them.  When the cistern is turned on, summer has begun. You can see the water running out of the scupper. (click for a closer look) Teddy loves napping to the sound of the cistern running.

 The cistern is on the side of my garage.

 My weeds are turning green.

 I was happy to see my perennial beds awakening.

 Until I saw this.  This means new matching planters must be found for these two beds.  At least I only have two.

 My dead maple is putting out a tiny bit of growth.  This tree needs to be addressed but I am having the house painted this summer so work like this is on hold.  One major project at a time.

 The Japanese maple is leafing out.

I glanced out my window yesterday and was shocked to see these blossoms. One moment there were none and the next moment I find a full blown blossom party in my back yard.
When Teddy has a perfectly fresh bowl of water sitting on the patio, why does she insist on drinking out of the yucky fountain base?
Here is a better shot of the blossoms this morning. It's a Fall flowering Cherry.  My allergies are on top of all of what's blooming!  They are having a little pollen party inside my nose.


You will soon have passed us and will have summer before spring has come half way through here :-) The closest thing I have to flowering trees are the sloe bushes, they have big buds now but it will take some more warm days until they open up.

The Maple survived! Fantastic!

I can't have any pots outside during winter unless they are from a special kind of clay that hardens more than the brown clay, still some of them freeze and crack anyway.

I hope the allergies won't be too tough this year, a tough winter can calm it down considerable.

Have a great day!
laurie said…
it all looks wonderful, it has an ancient look to it all, like its been established for years and years,, I fixed a clay planter once with wire and a putty mix,, could this one be saved maybe?
Mary said…
Teddy is not the only one who likes scummy water! My cats have fresh water on side porch every day,,and yet they always drink out of the bowl in the backyard, you know the one with the dead leaves and a layer of algae, yuck...... I love touring the gardens for new life too, I too need to get two new large pots, albeit plastic the husband tore one apart with the snow blower....glad it was him not me who did it....
Your cistern and rustic brick wall are my favourite elements of your beautiful yard! And dogs -- who can figure them out?
Tubaville said…
Our dogs and cat used to beg to go outside to drink out of the nasty Christmas tree stand the one year we left it on the deck. It was full of pine needles and murky water. They loved it!
Alice said…
Your Fall blooming cherry is flowering now? does it rebloom? Lay that broken pot on its side and plant like the flowers are tumbling out. or it makes a toad abode in other parts of your garden. Nothing to waste.
Craig said…
Your spring has come in a hurry after a long cold winter - I'm sure that you are very pleased. The cistern is lovely. I too like the sound of running water but I'd be forever running to the bathroom!
Your garden awakening is a sight to behold. That cistern is beautiful. A blossom party sounds like just the thing to get into the spirit of spring. Sorry it's making your allergies kick up. Teddy knows where her water dish is. BUT the snow and ice have melted and she's enjoying the out of doors.
Guillaume said…
Your garden is absolutely beautiful, at every season. My favourite is autumn, but lovely to see it like this all the same, when Spring is warming up to turn into Summer.
Julie said…
Gorgeous yard!
Barb said…
Your yard looks wonderful coming alive! Teddy is one smart dog to sleep to the sound of running water.
Nellie said…
So glad to see signs of spring! We've some replacement to do with pots from winter's damage, too.
Very slowly over time, I've been able to sort of put your gardens I'm wondering what is over that fence. In one direction, off the front porch, is the city..and it appears that almost straight out back..far out back, jut beyond the fence are homes, but whats that area way over the looks like just open space..perhaps hills.
Mele is totally different when it comes to water. It MUST be clean, it must not be over a day old, and it must NOT have any bits of dirt in the bottom of the bowl. She has one inside the house and one on the back patio. Teddy is an outdoor girl. Kills bad kitties that ..wait. I've a question. Two in fact. Who was the guy walking across the yard with a knife..and I KNOW that was a little pig I saw by the pond that time. I WAS a piggy..and that WAS your husband. Right?
So, where was I. Oh yes, about the sistern. Is it where water is stored to water the yard? California needs a "sistern!" A BIG one.
Jim said…
Hey, I think Teddy is on to something here....I would join him snoozing near the cistern. On e smart dog!
LOVE the rock wall as well!
Welcome spring~!
Mary Ann said…
Your tree is gorgeous!