I made Turkish simit for a family that I was making dinner for a couple days ago. These are so good and really simple and I wonder why I don't think of making them more often. They are like a bagel but they aren't boiled so they are not as dense.  They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and have a wonderful toasted sesame flavor.
 You can find the recipe here with step by step photos:  These are Turkish street food and many people start their  day in Turkey by eating a simit with a cup pf tea.

 The recipe makes about a dozen simits.

 I freeze them and just defrost them as needed.

They are fun to make too!  I love playing with dough.

 Before baking, they are dipped in pomegranate molasses which helps the sesame seeds to adhere to them.  This adds a bit of sweetness to the finished simit.

Plus they make your house smell really good too.


The combination of flavors in your simit makes it sound delicious. I love sesame and pomegranate. Your Turkish breakfast in the link has my mouthwatering.
Pomegranate molasses? Bet that's hard to find in a store.
Jim said…
Sounds and smells wonderful to me!
I would suppose that one could make their own pomegranate molasses with the juice of the fruit and added sweetner?
Mei said…
If you have an Armenian or Turkish shop near by they will have pomegranate syrup. YOu can also make a very nice chicken in pomegranate sauce with it, that's Persian.
Anonymous said…
I've never heard of pommegranate molasses, I guess I would like it since I like pommegranates :-)

I can see myself having this at breakfast :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
They look a bit like bagels.
Anonymous said…
I would have this for breakfast with my tea and I think I will try making pomegranate syrup,,,just for fun!
They sound wonderful but I know I won't try this one. I'll..just think about it. :)