A Scottish Festival

 We drove to West Virginia this past weekend to attend a Scottish Festival.  BTW, if you have never been to WV, it is a gorgeous state.  We were a bit shocked that they were charging 15.00 per person to enter.

 We heard the pipes before we saw the pipers.

 A gaggle of pipers.  It reminded me of the old joke...The Irish gave bagpipes to the Scots and they still haven't gotten the joke.

 A pretty piping lass.  I actually really like bagpipes.

 Highland cattle on display.

A maypole.
We watched some highland games.
Watched some highland dancing.
Saw some highland hiney.
Being West Virginia, you could buy a camouflage kilt.
I'd read that there would be all sorts of fiber crafts for sale but there were none to be found.
 Haggis was eaten.

 And bangers were consumed.


Anonymous said…
a camouflage kilt, I can die now because I have surely see all!
I do not like haggis but the bangers look good,,too bad there wee no crafts,, but its fun watching the games and dancers,
Craig said…
I'm proud of you for attending - especially at $15! I can eat a little haggis but it's too rich to have a lot of. But I can eat bangers for Scotland, especially if they are cooked on the BBQ.
I love the pipes too -- such wild and feral sound!
Tried Haggis in Scotland last year....yikes....yuck! Next year you should come to the farm for the first weekend in May and I will take you to the MD Wool and Fiber Fest.....believe me, you will get your fill!!!!!
Anonymous said…
That looks like so much fun !!
I love bagpipes too.
The food looks delicious. Never tried haggis before.
Have a great day.
Susan said…
Highland hiney? SNORT! I love anything Scots, but that does seem to be a fairly high entrance fee. I think WV is one of the most beautiful states in the Union. I used to white water raft there - gorgeous! I love bagpipes, although they make me tear up something fierce.
Anonymous said…
I only like bagpipes when I hear them from a great distance so I'm not sure if I would have paid $15 to get in :-) :-)

I would like to try real haggis though and who wouldn't want a camoflague kilt :-)

Havbe a great day!
Nellie said…
I've been to several types of festivals, but never to a Scottish one. This looks like it was fun, especially the food!
Guillaume said…
Oh you make me miss Scotland! And the Highlands! And everything!
McDougal clan here. Great grandfather..we are Scotch Irish.
Always wondered how that happened. :)
What a great trip but it really was awfully expensive..you can go to Disneyland for that...LOL...(not on your life!) Well, you could back when they first opened and we took the kids...now you have to give them your first born.
That girl's hair was just beautiful, buy the way.
The pipes have such a haunting sound..I always think of my son Danny when I hear them..
What did you buy..oh, and that food looks good..I mean REALLY good.
Nothing to buy??? Really??? :(
Being a tad bit Irish I appreciated the joke. Looks like a lovely festival. That highland hiney was worth the price of admission.
Mary Ann said…
Haggis with chips. Hmmmm. I would have passed, I'm afraid. I could have eaten the sausages! I can't believe what they charged!
Kay said…
Oh my! This looks like so much fun!
Nar said…
My dad was there for a while, in his kilt. I wanted to attend, but it's almost 3 hours from where I live.
chickpea678 said…
What's haggis? Is it something mildly disgusting? Looks like it was a lot of fun!