Cambodian Na-taing

When we eat Cambodian food, we always order this dish.  I decided I wanted to make it myself and my family is very happy that I did.
But first, I have to tell you a sad story.  Yesterday I baked pies for some of the kids at the center.  They are between programs right now but a few kids show up every day to hang out.  Two of the kids were there last week when I sent a pie to the people that work there and when they tried it, they really loved it.  So, I promised them more for yesterday.  Two of the boys were walking to the center to get pie and were held up at gun point.

One of them was carrying his Xbox because they were heading to a friends to play it after eating pie.  The robber took the Xbox, their phones and the few bucks they had in their pockets.  I could just die.  I can't imagine how horrible it is to be held up in your own neighborhood let alone to lose the few possessions you have.  The police were called but they didn't believe the boys story which is a whole other problem.  However, the people that work at the center believed these kids and they are the ones that know them.  And they had no phones and had to borrow them all day. These are good kids that have never been in trouble.  It just makes me miserable.  But they got lots of pie.  However, if I hadn't baked them, then they wouldn't have been where they were and got robbed.  CRAP!

Back to the na-taing.  Brown 2 pounds of pork in some sesame oil along with 8 diced garlic cloves and 3 tablespoons of minced ginger.

Sprinkle in some salt and pepper.

Add the juice of one lime along with it's zest.

Add 2 tablespoons of paprika.
Add 2 tablespoons of fish sauce and 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.
Add a thinly sliced shallot.
Add 2 cans of coconut milk.

Looking good.

Add 3 tablespoons of green curry paste.

It sort of looks like this. Simmer for about 5 minutes and then stir in a bunch of minced cilantro.

Serve it scooped on rice crackers.  This might not look like much but it is a taste explosion in your mouth.  It is seriously good food.


laurie said…
I can just imagine the smell of this cooking, wow, it must be amazing,

I hope someone takes pity on those two boys and replaces their stolen goods, thats horrible, to take from kids that don't have much to begin with ,,
too bad the cops aren't doing a better job to believe them, I know they probably do a good job but they must become jaded seeing so much bad stuff all the time, still, they should never lose faith in the young, they are our future!

certainly isn't saying much for instilling trust in young people!

poor kids,
Alicia Foodycat said…
"The police didn't believe them"... it's your blog and you've made it a happy place so I won't go off on the rant that inspires. Your dish looks delicious!
Craig said…
What a sad and desperate tale about the lads being held up. The feeling of being violated will take a while to get over. Your Cambodian dish sounds really good - I'm a Cambodian virgin... well you know what I mean!
Kay said…
I'm always amazed at the wonderful ethnic dishes you're able to prepare. It all looks so delicious.

It's a further sad commentary on the police again, isn't it?
The recipe looks wonderful. I am going to attempt it here sometime soon. I am so disheartened hearing about what happened to those sweet kids headed for a piece of pie. And then for the cops to pile on to their misery is so sad, indeed.
Guillaume said…
More yummy Asian stuff.
Cottage Tails said…
I'm thankful here in NZ people can not just walk around with guns in their pockets. Very scary for the boys I am sure.
Jim said…
You amaze me! But I am sure I have said this before. Nothing appears to stop you from trying new things.
Those unfortunate kids to have been robbed! But hey, they left feeling positive and with the taste of a great pei in their mouths!
I sort of wondered why they were not believed. Odd. Sadly, getting held up in a city is fairly common or so I hear. I hope it all turns out good. I'm glad they didn't get hurt..that's the most important thing.
Pie heals all things!! :) Well, most anyway!
Barb said…
That is so sad about the boys!It really feels bad to be robbed. When we lived in Louisville, our home was robbed. All my jewelry was taken. Much of it was not expensive but had memories attached, like the last gift, a ring, that my mom gave to me. You just can't replace things like that. It is good that the boys were not hurt!
Fiona said…
Not your fault and the pie would have been a bright spot in their sounds like the robber's would have stolen anything anyway. Your good will help!
chickpea678 said…
I'm making my grocery list now as my mouth salivates.

Poor kids! What an awful thing to have happened.
Funny how I always think I can smell whatever it is you are cooking. NO wonder Teddy shadows you in the kitchen. :) I would too!!
Well your police are different from ours. In a town of 950 (on a good day), 35 miles from everywhere, where the crime rate is nil, THAT incident would make the (a weekly). There would be a fund raiser! You need to move out here.....and cook for us! Love your recipes and your fond, big heart. Blessings. Kathie in Odessa, WA, where the humidity is rarely above 20%.....but we DO have our challenges.....
chickpea678 said…
Never had Cambodian food before I made this last night--it was delicious and a big hit for the entire family! So easy too (except grating ginger and zesting which are irksome when you're scrambling to get dinner made!). Thanks again J! You save me on so many a day with dinner inspiration!