Farmer's Markets Are Open

 Yesterday, we headed out early to go to one of our favorite farmer's markets.  All of them are open now in our area.

 This one is located in a 'holler'.  Holler is a colloquialism for hollow, a dip between two mountains.  You find lots of tiny communities in these hollers.

The mountains were literally breathe taking.  We came over some summits and gulped at the beauty. These mountains are gorgeous in the Fall but their Spring beauty magnificent.

This is an Amish farmer's market.

Since it is so early in the season, offerings were limited to plants, flowers, rhubarb and onions.

However, being Amish, there were lots of baked goods and canned items for sale.

There were lots of booths set up inside too and breakfast was served all day long.
This Amish kid was selling donuts.

Now that is a beard.

The Amish and the Englishers share the roads.

Desperate for a fish.  Don't slip!

I love these drives.  Not only is it beautiful in the mountains, you never know what you might see. Like a big tough biker and his teddy bear.  Click for a closer look.

You pass lots of farm machinery this time of year.

A beautiful sheep farm.

Those dots on the hillside are cows.  It was a nice cool sunny day and you could see how happy all the animals were to be out of the barns and grazing.  It's the perfect time of year for them before it gets too hot, which BTW happens tomorrow.
And you never know when you might see one of these.


Anonymous said…
Your countryside is so beautiful and I wish we had farmer's markets too! I guess our government has complicated the rules so much that it makes it impossible to have them here. Sometimes it looks like they want to kill all farms as fast as possible in this country!

I do like that Joe dogs car :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
such beautiful country, so green!
That one man has quite a beard,

you really have some wonderful car trips,
and its all within a good distance as well isn't it.
wow, our farmers market is now open and its mainly syrup and preserves, soaps, woven stuff,our rhubarb isn't even ready yet,,
Only one farmer's market for miles around here. What gorgeous countryside, there indeed. I think I've found a new place to settle, those Holler's look divine.
Craig said…
Yes, really beautiful scenery. You're very lucky to have this beauty on your door step.
Guillaume said…
I'd love to visit a farmers's market, especially in open air. I miss them.
Cottage Tails said…
I sure would love to visit some of these markets. Looks a stunning drive. And of course I am fascinated with the Amish and their simple way of living & their quilts.
Leeanna said…
Such beautiful countryside. I love farmer's markets.
Kay said…
What fun to see all these wonderful sights that we wouldn't see here in Hawaii. The nice thing about Hawaii though is that we get the Farmer's Markets all year long.
chickpea678 said…
Wow that scenery is spectacular. How cool that you get to see buggy's on the road like that!
Angie Ballard said…
Loved this post! Did Beverly ever tell you that her dad called the farm Opposum Holler? Of course her brother (my dad) named it something clever and had the lane named that way as a Private Drive, but it will always be Opposum Holler to me :)
1st Man said…
A trip to Amish country is on our someday vacation list. Along with seeing Autumn foliage.

What great and probably "true" farmer's markets those are. Beautiful drive!
Mary Ann said…
Don't laugh... I am so scared in low mountains that I have to close my eyes and pray... I can't look out... I have to hold on as tightly as I can. The only time I tried to drive on one I had to turn around and go back, I was petrified into being dangerous on the road!
Barb said…
Beautiful country and what a great market!
Rue said…
YAY for farmers market season! We are pretty much limited to rhubarb, onions, radishes and lettuce here too. But each week brings us more selection. I would definitely have tried the Amish doughnuts!
I always feel I've gone on the drive with you and want to yell "oh, look, look, look, a horse and buggy!!" LOL It's the way I get to see the country back there..and it is amazing..and then I think how close the city is to you and your view from the front porch..and I'm amazed. :)
Oh, and I like the "Joe's Dogs" Christer did. I wonder if they deliver. ??