Happy Memorial Day 2015

Happy Memorial Day!  Teddy spent the morning laying on the cool grass before the heat moves in.
 My pies are baked.

 Fresh freeze pops are made.

 The eggs and beets have been pickled.

And I made some Amish mustard eggs.
 The hot dog buns have baked.

 So have the rolls.

 The cole slaw was made yesterday.

 Along with potato salad.

 And macaroni salad.

 I made some hamburger buns too.

Homemade ketchup and we are good to go!  Hope you have a delicious Memorial Day!


Guillaume said…
Happy Memorial Day! Here it is a boring, gloomy, cloudy Monday. I'd love to try your mustard eggs.
Gatekeeper said…
Have a good day and same weather this Monday morning too.
greekwitch said…
Oh my! That looks amazing! How do you make you own pops?
greekwitch said…
Oh my! That looks amazing! How do you make you own pops?
Debby said…
That looks like the perfect cook-out. And you got to have freeze pops.....
Craig said…
Another busy day in your house - and I mean REALLY busy! Everything looks delicious! Happy Memorial Day to you and your family!
laurie said…
that looks amazing! Very colorful as well, those Amish eggs have Garry drooling!!
Lots of nice food there :-)

Happy Memorial Day!

Let the feasting begin!
Leeanna said…
My oh my! Looks like a great feast a happening.

Oh, BTW, I'll send ya some of that rain real soon.
You are simply amazing. Have a wonderful meal. It looks divine. Enjoy the day. Teddy looks ready to celebrate. Happy Memorial Day.
Mary Ann said…
Wow! Where were you off to???
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! You are totally amazing! I'm so impressed by your energy and cooking expertise. Wow! It all looks so delicious. We're just having left-overs tonight.
Kay said…
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Hold the fort! I'm on my way! :)
p.s. For the life of me I cannot see Memorial day as 'HAPPY"...maybe it' having lived with a service man for all those years...I don't know. "Safe" yes..etc. etc. Just not a "Happy" day for me.