Past-ee in case you don't know how to pronounce these. I had some ground pork in the fridge and was wondering what I could make with it. I'm not sure how I came to think of pasties but when I started looking for recipes, I found that these are very popular in Upper Michigan where they were originally made for copper miners to take in their lunches.
 I mixed ground beef and pork with a diced potato, a diced onion, some diced carrots, a few cloves of minced garlic, salt and pepper, allspice, thyme, ramps (because I still have lots of ramps and I put them in everything these days) and a couple eggs.

 You can use store bought pie crust but I really think the quality of these depends on how good the crust is.  I made a pie crust using all butter and Double Gloucester grated cheddar. Roll pieces of the dough into 8 inch disks.

 Place a scoop of the meat mixture on the dough and moisten the edges with some beaten egg.

Fold the dough over the meat and crimp the edges.
 Place on a parchment covered cookie sheet and brush with the beaten egg.

Cut several slits in the top of each pasty.
 Bake them at 350 degrees for about 1 hour until they are golden.

 You can eat them hot out of the oven but I think they are best at room temp.

 They are even good cold!

 I served them with my homemade ketchup.


Those are just perfect to bring as lunch to work and so easy to make so I understand that the miners used to have them. Since one can vary what's in them they never get boring to bring either.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
My mother makes a great pasty.
laurie said…
what a treat!! That pastry sounds really good and home made ketchup as well wow!!!
Craig said…
Oh Yum! I love a good pasty. But of course over here they are usually Cornish Pasties which are always beef based. But we have pasty shops in most big railway stations and they sell all kinds - even a chicken tikka masala curry pasty! Yours looks perfect!
Rue said…
My parents told me about these - they ate them for the first time in the north east a few years ago - and they loved them!
Ironically, the worst Cornish pasty I ever had was actually in Cornwall.
Sandy said…

I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Marquette area. We would always make Pasty's and take them with us when we went out hunting, or mushroom looking.

There just delicious, and make for a great lunch instead of a sandwich.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Happy Mother's Day Joyce...Your gardens are coming along nicely, so very lush and green...Sweet Teddy never takes her eye of from you...I have enjoyed reading about your road trips with the Blog Tech...lots of wonderful wares you have returned home with...Thank you for your kind comment regarding Winslow goes on...Have a great week, Julie...
My hubby loves these. Grew up eating pasties. thanks for recipe. HOPE you had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Susan said…
My college roommate was Finnish, from way up in the norther penninsula of Michigan - when she made infrequent trips home, she always came back to school with pasties. Glorious!
Mary Ann said…
Okay, that looks SO GOOD but we would have to cut the recipe down a lot for the two of us...
I swear I think you could make great pastry with both arms tied behind your back!! :) Looks wonderful!!
Kay said…
Is this an English dish? I don't think I've ever tried it.