Ramp Bread

You might have wondered how I used all of the ramps I bought.  We like ramps with eggs and ramp homefries.  I am going to make ramp kimchi too.  But ramp bread is really good.
 You can use your favorite white bread recipe or just buy frozen bread dough.  Dice your ramps and saute them in a bit of butter with salt and pepper.  Set them aside to cool.

 Roll your dough out on  a floured surface.

 Sprinkle the ramps over the dough.
Sprinkle with your favorite cheese. I grated some Swiss which goes very well with ramps.
 Roll the dough and place it on a parchment covered cookie sheet.  Brush it with butter.

 Bake it at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes.

It tastes a bit like inside out garlic bread.  My husband sat here and ate half of the loaf while it was warm.


Anonymous said…
what you call Ramps we call Wild Leeks, they grow every where here along road side ditches, in spring people stop their cars along our road and pick them, I wonder if any of hose people had as many recipes as you do for Ramps! In our area people ate them in the spring as a sort of tonic, after the long winters with no fresh greens they were a flavorful addition to the diet. You certainly do them proud!I only put them in scramble eggs, I wish you lived closer I could give you all the Ramps you could use, your bead sounds lovely and your husband is a lucky man to have such a talented cook to keep him supplied in lovely breads!
Guillaume said…
Yum. Bread. You always make me hungry for bread.
Craig said…
You're very inventive with your home made recipes. I bet it tastes delicious!
Anonymous said…
I did wonder if it would be something like garlic bread. Perhaps I should buy the ramp relative even though it spreads like crazy :-) and do this too when they have grown a few years?

Have a great day!
I would have arm-wrestled your husband for that loaf.
Nellie said…
Oh, dear! He only left half the loaf! I could easily take care of the other half!
Mary Ann said…
I have to laugh at all the recipes... I should start posting morel recipes (except they are almost all gone!)
I'm right there with your husband filling up on that bread. It looks scrumptious.
chickpea678 said…
Wow! Those are some lucky people eating at your house.