Spring Green

It feels more like late Summer out there though. We've been in the 90's for days with high humidity and not a drop of rain in the forecast.  This is my side entrance to the gardens, you enter through the snake gate.
 The ground in this area is as hard as a rock and filled with sycamore roots.  These perennials were planted long ago when it was still digable.

 I don't even bother trying to plant annuals, I don't know that I could get a spade in the ground.

 This is my Japanese Lilac.  I will try to remember to get a photo of it when it blooms.

 Pulmonaria, Tree Peonies and Mondo grass.

 Down to the driveway.

 There is not much color, only the green.

And very low maintenance!


Anonymous said…
Low maintenance is a good thing and green is beautiful :-) The good thing is that weeds doesn't seem to like it there, I wish the weeds here thought that about my garden :-)

That snake gate is just amazing!

I'll cut down my pulmonaria soon so they'll give me a second flowering. they self sow so much that they now have spread out to the forest :-) So I'll keep cutting them down until they don't have time enough to make any seeds :-)

Have a great day!
Low maintenance is the way to go!
Dee said…
Jeri Landers said…
YOur grounds are gorgeous and so very tidy, Unlike mine. The idea of the trough gardening is great. I have one of the large troughs, a former watering hole for my sheep, but this year, I am planting Cukes in it, up a trellis
Craig said…
It all looks beautifully lush and manicured. Lovely!
Anonymous said…
its beautiful and the things I love most are the uniqueness of t all, did you commission that snake gate, thats amazing ,, everytime I see it it really catches my eye,,
Guillaume said…
Such beautiful pictures. Looks like May.
Jim said…
Green is a colour don't forget. And low maintenance is very important especially in that heat/humidity.
I appreciate the work that has been put into your gardens.....they are beautiful.
Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day, Joyce! All of it is just beautiful. I think we have reversed weather. We are getting yours and you are getting ours. It's been perfect weather here, no more heat and it will warm up to 80 and then go back down by this coming weekend. I wish it was this way always! NO humidity here when it's hot..thankfully.
I have a picture of your gate in my photo's. I love showing it to my friends and family! :)
Susan said…
But what about those beautifully manicured hedges??? That gate is spectacular! I'm becoming a great fan of perennials.
I'm loving your Pulmonaria, Tree Peonies and Mondo grass. BEAUTIFUL.
Mary Ann said…
Sometimes low maintenance is best!
Kay said…
Oh yes! I'm ALL for low maintenance.
chickpea678 said…
Good grief! It's low maintenance and looks that pretty?!?