The Spring Gardens 2015

 Teddy and I took a walk down to the lower gardens to see how things are coming along.

 I love seeing the hostas unfurl.


 The forests ferny floor.

 Dandelions...I am trying not to hate them.

 Some of my Mayflowers.

 Wood poppies.

 Painted fern.

 Looking up the steps after the rain.

 My hellebore's have naturalized and they are everywhere.

 They are especially popping up in my pachysandra.

 My parsnips came back from last year.


 Apple blossoms.

 That is Toadflax growing right in front of the arborvitaes.  They were originally planted all the way on the other side of the garden.

 Oakleaf Hydrangeas.

 I let the leaves decay naturally since most of my space is woods.

Texas bluebells.
 Solomon's Seal.

 Teddy the Chow Chow.



Your spring yard is gorgeous and I love seeing it. Teddy is a cutie!

Thanks for your enjoyable blog.
Craig said…
What a difference in only a couple of weeks. I love the Acers (Japanese maples). Teddy looking very regal and elegant.
Anonymous said…
I think You've passed us now :-) The cold nights and chilly days we've had lately have slowed down things here.

My wood poppies, painted fern and hellebores all died the first mild winter we had here last year but to my happiness I now have loads of seedlings from the hellebores :-)

Have a great day!
Everything looks lovely. So serene. Teddy blends right in with your garden setting. Just know you are not alone. I am trying to not hate dandelions too.
Cottage Tails said…
Dandelions are soo good for you - my kids roll their eye that their are weeds in our salads, but they eat them
sandra said…
Now that was a wonderful beautiful trip through your yard!
Guillaume said…
It does look a lot like Spring where you are. Not so much where I am.
1st Man said…
So so pretty. I love seeing different plants and flowers and trees in other parts of the country. That picture looking back up the steps looks like a postcard.
Barb said…
Everything looks so fresh and beautiful!
Deb said…
A beautiful woodland garden. I love your Acer v
I love the names of all these plants! They are like hearing magical charms being spoken!
Each year after the snows finally melt..and Springtime arrives on the East Coast, I look forward to seeing your grounds come back to life. It's green all year round here..and of course there is a certain about of change that takes place..but your yard is just amazing1 Have you started on your little glass house yet? How you find time for all you do, I will never know. :) Like watching "Superwoman" in action!
p.s. Ms. Teddy always looks so satisfied and content. :) Happy Sunday, Joyce!
Mary Ann said…
I'm so glad you leave your leaves, so do I!
chickpea678 said…
Wow. Your garden is AMAZING. Do you plant new strawberries each year?

Don't hate the dandelions!